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I have seen it, it's difficult to get a police officer to pull over another police officer. If you are really concerned, you can take the license plate down and file a complaint with internal affairs and they may be able to do something.

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Q: Can a patrolman in unmarked vehicle tailgate motorist?
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Where did phrase tailgating originate?

A 'tailgate' is the back part of a truck or heavy goods vehicle. Drivers who stick too close to the back of another vehicle were said to be having a 'tailgate party', which was then just shorted to 'tailgate'.

Can you sit in the tailgate of a pickup truck?

It depends on the situation. If the vehicle is not moving, you are allowed to sit on the tailgate. If the vehicle is moving, you are not allowed as it is a moving violation since passengers cannot ride on the exterior of any vehicle.

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Can a police officer own a Unmarked Police Vehicle even though he is a uniformed officer?

The police officer does not own the police car, the jurisdiction he works for owns it, and yes a uniformed officer can drive an unmarked vehicle.

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A person and find a tailgate assembly drawing for this vehicle, by purchasing its manuals. The manuals will have assembly drawings for the tailgate and any wiring.Ê

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No. The state is not responsible for the accident or the driver. You can file suit against the uninsured motorist.

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no, uninsured motorist coverage is for injuries only when an uninsured motorist hurts the occupants of a vehicle......there is a coverage called uninsured motorist property damage, (most people do not have this and are even unaware that it is available, and is not available in all state) if you have that or collision coverage those will cover the damage to your vehicle ........

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regardless of whom is insured or not, the 'negligent' or liable party is responsible for the damage or 'to make whole' the injured (this means damage to vehicle as well) party........ i think the insured should pay since it was there fault

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Uninsured Motorists Options on your Auto Insurance Policy Offer cover yourself and other passengers in your vehicle and comes with basically 2 options 1 Um / BI = Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage 2. Um / PD - Uninsured Motorist coverage Physical Damage BI covers Bodily injury to the driver and passengers in your vehicle. PD covers your Physical Damage for your Vehicle.