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Only you, if the car is in your name, can report it stolen. So they are jacking you up to get their payments

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Q: Can a lender tell you that they have reported the car stolen and tell you just drive around and see what happens?
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What happens if you hide your car from repo?

It will be reported stolen.

What happens if your car is stolen?

If your car is stolen you should automatically have reported and what time it had gone missing.

Can a car be reported as stolen because the loan went into default?

Can it? Yes, by the lender in some case. If the debtor is actively attempting to hinder repossession in many states, or if the vehicle is in possession of a third party who is not on the loan or vehicle registration, then a repossession agent may file a stolen vehicle report. Most will not, preferring to allow the lender to take such action instead.Can it be reported stolen by the debtor once repossession takes place? Often vehicles are reported stolen after repossession happens. However, this is a cautious area. Most debtors already know the vehicle is being sought, and law enforcement takes a dim view of filing false or malicious reports.

What happens if the creditor cant find the car to reposs it?

It gets reported stolen.

How do you know if your car has been reported stolen by the lender?

ask a cop to run the license plate on their computer If it is still in your possession, it has not been stolen and anyone who files a police report saying it has been is commiting a crime. However, if it has already been repossessed and disappears from the storage lot, it HAS been stolen and the lender or repo agent will report it.

What happens to your title loan if your vehicle is stolen and wrecked?

Since you have a loan you should be required by the lender to have full coverage insurance which will pay you the value of the vehicle. With out insurance you are still responsible for repaying the loan no matter what happens to your vehicle. It is not the lenders fault your car was stolen and wrecked...

What happens if you don't return a rental car in Nevada?

its reported stolen after the last day you rented it for. just like in any other state

If a person is 4 months late on a car payment can it be reported stolen?

NOT unless it was stolen. Stolen cars are reported stolen. Cars securing a loan in DEFAULT are reported as DELINQUENT to the credit bureau. If you choose to report the car stolen, go ahead. I would not reccommend it though. Filing a false police report is illegal in most jurisdictions.

What happens if you file a theft report but then you find the object you thought was stolen?

You just need to let the police know you found it. If you're found in possession of the item and they realize it was reported stolen you could be mistakenly arrested.

Can you activate a metro phone if it was reported stolen?

No it can not

Can a car be reported as stolen if the payment is not made?


What happens to recovered cars that were reported stolen?

The first thing that happens when a stolen car is recovered, the police inform the owner of the recovery, usually in writing. The owner then takes up the matter by informing his insurance company of the recovery and valuation is done. The car is then handed to the rightful owner.