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It depends on your policy terms and the state you live in. Each state has different regulations. The easiest way is to call the insurance company claims department and ask them. Plus how long is a "Few" years?

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Q: Can a homeowners claim that has been closed a few yrs ago be reopened?
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What if an heir is not notified and left out?

The estate has not been properly closed and distributed. Consult an attorney in your area about filing a claim against the estate. The estate may have to be reopened.

Can a claim against your homeowners be cancelled after it has been reported?

Generally, a claim can be cancelled. If you do not want the insurance to pay a claim, the company will be glad not to pay it.

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What company will write a homeowners policy with an open claim?

No company I am aware of will issue you a new policy when you still have an open claim on your old policy. This would generally indicate that the damage has not been repaired.

What does it mean when a case status reads all reopen compl events closed?

When a case status reads "all reopen compl events closed," it means that all the compliance events that were reopened have been addressed and resolved satisfactorily. The case is now in a closed status, indicating that all the necessary actions have been taken to comply with the requirements of the case.

What does it mean when the case status reads closed on a disposed by default civil case?

The case was closed. someone didn't show up to support their claim or didn't answer the claim against them.

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My mom is deceased and i found out recently on a unclaimed funds website that a insurance co owes her moneycan i retrieve it?

Your mother's estate should be able to get it. If it has been closed it could be reopened. You may want to consult a lawyer.