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An HOA can assess a special assessment to cover just about anything.

Read your governing documents to determine what options, limits and processes are involved in levying special assessments.

It's possible that unless every unit is due to receive a garage, only the units that will receive a garage should be involved in the special assessment.

Garages are often limited common elements and assessments can be limited in these cases to the beneficiaries of the limited common elements.

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Q: Can a home owner's association assess a special fee to build garages?
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Read your governing documents, including any board resolutions that impose fines. Your board or association management company can help you understand the limit of behaviours which are fine-able offences.

How do you assess a lien on property in a property owners association?

Read your governing documents, and determine what action must be taken before a lien is filed. When you're ready to file a lien, work with your association-savvy attorney to accomplish this task.

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The key phrase in your question is 'shortage of funds'. If the association borrows money from its owners to make repairs, then the owners and the association need a written agreement that details the repayment plan. A more common and more sound approach dictates that the association levies a special assessment against all owners to pay for repairs and other services. An association that operates with a 'shortage of funds' is not an association where units will be attractive to buyers.

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Can a home owners' association prohibit jogging on streets?

They can if the streets are owned by the home owners' association rather than by a municipality.

Can a MN nonprofit Home Owners Association assess fines for late payment of dues?

Yes is the short answer. Read your governing documents -- and in this case, perhaps a Resolution crafted to collect assessments -- to understand both your obligation to pay your assessments and the association's responsibility to add fines when you don't pay on time.

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Can a neighborhood fire their HOA?

If the 'neighborhood' is composed of owners in the association, then owners can vote to remove a set of directors. Your governing documents document this process. The association, however, requires leadership, so the owners will be required to elect a new set of directors to lead the business of the association.