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Are you an idiot, yes they can.

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Q: Can a guy be turned into a girl?
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Do guys get more turned on watching guy on girl or girl on girl more?

It depends on the guy.

Why do you get turned on?

You usually get turned on because a girl/guy does something that you like and/or they have something you like.

Is there something wrong with the girl if the guy cant get an erection but is turned on by her?


Is buck angel a guy or girl?

Buck Angel is a transexual. she turned female to male.

How do you know when a boy gets turn on?

You know when a guy gets turned on when a girl flirts with you. If your a boy or a girl but boys love it when girls flirt with them.

How do you get a guy to ask you to be their girlfriend?

Be flirty but not obvious. Guys get turned off if they know a girl likes them sometimes

Why does a guy bite his nails when he proposes to a girl?

Out of nervousness; the fear of being rejected or turned down can be very stressful.

If a guy asks you out a lot but goes out with another girl should you believe him when he asks you out again?

Maybe but I think he went out with another girl because you turned him down so many times.

Guys do you get turned off when you find out a girl is sporty?

No, not at all. Most guys even consider it a plus.

Are girls impressed or turned on when they see a guy bend steel in a movie for a woman?

No way! Strength isn't really a big thing in what turns a girl on, more what the guy looks like and what he says.

Is there any anime video where you can watch a guy be turned into a girl against his will by other girls?

Well there is this anime show called "Kampher". Its about a boy turned into a girl because he's a kampher there are these other kamphers and all of them are girls. If you want more details then just tell me.

What kinda things could a girl do to a guy?

ummm, well, a girl could kiss a guy. A girl could flirt with a guy. A girl could hurt a guy. A girl could kill a guy (not advised). A girl could make love to a guy :P, a girl could - and this is the best of all - love a guy.