Can a ford keyless remote work for a gm car?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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no it can not, they work on different radio frequencys and are not interchangable

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Q: Can a ford keyless remote work for a gm car?
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Does keyless remote work on a car with manual door?

Hello "NO" You can buy a remote start kit for your car, but wont work the doors.. Good Luck

Why doesn't the keyless remote work unless it is close to the car on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Possible weak battery in the remote.

Why will your the keyless remote on a GMC Envoy not work after car battery went dead and after you put new batteries in both the car and the remote?

because the remote is no longer programmed it will need reprogrammed

Can you have a car alarm without remote keyless entry?

Yes, you can have a car alarm without remote keyless entry. You can read more at or

How do you program a automate keyless entry remote?

It will depend on the make and model of the car. They do this so one can make a copy of the automated keyless entry remote.

How do you program a keyless entry remote for 1998 Monte Carlo?

On the inside of the keyless entry remote or sometimes on the back it explains how to do this. I believe you hold the unlock button along with the lock button for 7 seconds near the car. It will explain it on the inside of the keyless entry remote.

How do you program ford focus 2003 keyless remote?

You can't. Take it to Precision Tune or the Ford Dealer to get it done. They have codes you cannot know. Who wants car thieves running around with programming codes??!!

How do you program a 2012 Ford Focus Keyless Remote the turn the ignition off and on 8 times does not work?

Instructions By Auto's Only Locksmith1 Sit in the car with the doors shut and unlocked, and with your seat belt fastened to avoid interference from the seat belt reminder chime.2 Put the key in the ignition, and turn it from position one ("Off") to position three ("On") rapidly eight times within 10 seconds, ending in position three.3 The Ford Focus doors will lock and unlock automatically, signaling that the car is in remote keyless entry programming mode.4 Within 20 seconds, press any button on each keyless remote. After each remote is programmed, the car doors will automatically lock and unlock to confirm successful programming. When all remotes have been programmed, turn the ignition to position one. The doors will automatically lock and unlock, confirming that remote keyless entry programming is complete.

What causes keyless entry not to work on 1995 buick lesabre?

It could be the remote has a dead battery. If both remotes don't work, seems like the sensing unit in the car has failed. The remote battery is the easier problem to fix.

How do you know if your keyless remote to your car has water damage?

if replacing the battery doesnt fix it.

I replaced my built in radio with other new brand. Is my keyless remote entry for 2000 Honda Civic EX affected?

You don't. You have to maintain the factory radio in the car somewhere or the keyless entry will not work on 96-98 civics.

Why does my 2009 keyless Altima not start?

likely explanation: dead battery, either in the car or in the remote