Can a bumble bee sting you?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Can a bumble bee sting you?
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Do Bumble bee robber flies bite humans and is reaction similar to bee sting reactions?

Bumble bees are bees. If they sting, it is a bee sting. Robber flies can bite humans. It is not similar to a bee sting.

Can a whitehead bee sting?

Whitehead bumble bees do not sting.

Do bumblebees sting or bite?

Bumble bees sting, they do not bite. the last time i was saw a bumble bee it bit me so they do bite

Has a bumble bee ever stung a person?

Yes, bumble bees will sting, but they have to be provoked into doing it.

How do you treat a bumble bee sting?

you can put mud on the sting to sooth it and the mud is supposed to draw out the venome I am no expert on the mud treatment but a bumble bee sting requires similar treatment to that of a honey bee. There are some pretty good answers and videos covering that.

Why cant a bumble bee with a white head sting you?

Because it is a male carpenter bee and male carpenter bees can't sting.

Do bumble bees sting other bees?

In general, no. But there is a species of Bumble Bee called the Cuckoo Bumble Bee (Bombus vestalis) that is parasitic on existing nests, and will kill by stinging, the original queen.

When bumble bees sting do they die?

No, they don't. Unlike bumble bees, honey bees die soon after they sting because their stingers have barbs that make it impossible for the bee to remove it, and instead the venom sack pulls free of the body, mortally wounding the bee. Bumble bees do not have barbs on their stinger, making it possible for the bee to remove it's stinger, and sting repeatedly.

How many times can a bumble bee sting insted of a hornet?

Carbon Dioxide.

How does a bumble bee release the stinger?

A honey bee worker is the only bee that has a barbed sting which gets stuck, all other bees have a smooth sting which can easily be withdrawn.

Does a bumble bee sting after its dead?

it depens how hard you kill it is you squashed it once then it could stink .

Is a honey bee or bumble bee larger?

Bumble bee.