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Q: Can a accoustic neuroma patient drink?
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my sister had an accoustic neuroma surgery in Dec and has had many complications. we heard about a rehab center that specializes in brain recovery in Birmingham AL.?

I'd Done A Lot Of Survey on this Disease,I Think the rehab center is a Trust Worthy Organisation.They Are Especalities in Spinal Cord & Brain injury.

What is the suffix of neuroma?

The suffix of the word neuroma is oma. The suffix oma is used to denote swelling. Neuroma is a tumor of nerve tissue.

Can an acoustic neuroma be misdiagnosed?

I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. Had FSR and now I have multiple complications.

What is an acoustic neuroma?

An acoustic neuroma is a benign tissue growth situated in the hearing canal.

What is the combining for of neuroma?

neur means nerve oma means tumor so neuroma is a growth or tumor of nerve tissue

What is the difference between neuroma and Capsulitis?

Neuroma is a tumor made of nerve tissue. Capsulitis is inflammation of the joint capsule, typically in the shoulder.

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because it has bull sperm in it which helps the patient

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Patient of rabies has got hydrophobia. He will eat or drink, nothing.

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No,there are accoustic Basses

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