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You must select the correct model of the Generac home generator if you wish to have power in your home when the electricity goes out. If you select the correct model, then yes, the Generac home generator would be a good backup.

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Q: Can a Generac home generator power a whole house?
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What is a good model for a stand by generator?

The Generac Guardian Series 5875-20kW Smart Circuit Standby is a good standby generator which will power your whole home in the event of a power outage.

Getting the Most Juice out of Your Generac Generators?

The Generac generators people use to keep their food frozen when the power goes out aren't all the same. Although most run on regular gas or diesel, each has its own generation capacity. Learn how to select a generator appropriate to your power needs.KW CapacityThe KW rating on each generator tells you how much power it can create, given in kilowatts (KW). Generac makes things easier, classifying its generators based on what each can accommodate. Essential circuit generators, whole house generators and other Generac generator classes are all designed to provide automatic temporary power for different circuits. Pick an appropriate generator subclass to power only the things you think you'll really need during an outage.

How do you power a whole house with one generator?

Use a generator with a high enough rating to power the house, of course. Trying to power a house that draws 60A of current with a 10A generator is just never going to work.

Why You Need Whole House Generators?

Purchasing a generator in case of a power outage is a great idea. You never know when the power will go out, and whole house generators can restore needed power quickly. Generators come in various sizes, and range from small to large. Decide if you want a generator that can provide the essentials or something larger. A whole house generator should be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure the generator is installed correctly.

Where is a good place to buy a whole house generator?

There are many places that will sell you a whole house generator, including online sites and stores. You will be able to check out prices and find the appropriate generator to run your entire house in case of a power failure.

which generator is best to power a large home.?

Generac distributes a massive whole-house generator that can provide backup power to a luxury size home. Ranging in size from 22-48 kilowatts, depending on whether you want to power every little electrical object in the home or just the basic necessities, a generator can be purchased ranging in price from $8499 to $13,999. The Quiet Source (a quieter series) or the Guardian (a noisier but cheaper series) would be appropriate.

What's more beneficial a whole house generator or single gas generator?

I have done a little bit of research on this, and can tell you that a whole house generator is the way to go, if you can afford it. They are hardwired into your home's electrical system, and will usually run your whole house. A single use generator is usually very noisy, and limited as to how much it can power at one time in your home.

Whole House Generator as an Emergency Power Source?

Around the country there are many situations that can lead to power outages. One of the most notable causes is extreme weather, and while the loss of power is a common problem, it can be dangerous if the weather conditions are extreme. A whole house generator provides an excellent backup source of power for your home in the event of extremes of heat or cold. The availability of a whole house generator may mean the difference between having to find alternate accomodations and staying at home.

What kind of home generator is highest rated?

The ETQ PG30P11 Portable Generator is a great generator and is very efficient. It will generate power for your whole house and is very helpful during a natural disaster.

What are whole house generators used for?

Whole house generators are used to provide power to the home during power outages. A 200 Amp generator is sufficient to power a whole home, including power intensive things such as Central Air. If you do not care about cooling, you can get by with a less powerful generator.

Why should consumers consider buying whole house generators?

A consumer that may be interested in allowing their electronic devices to remain functional during a power outage may consider a whole-house generator. If your utility provider experiences a power outage, the generator will allow all electronics to remain functional.

Finding a Generator for the Whole House?

There has been a resurgence of interest in generators over the past few years. The only problem with many of the generators on the market these days is that many of them don't seem suitable to run the electrical needs of an entire house. You need to run a special search if you are looking for a generator to power your whole house. Something simple like "generator whole house" will likely give you tons of great results.