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Not if the furnace exceeds 5000 watts.

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Q: Can a 5000 watt generator run your furnace?
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Will a 1000 watt generator run a 5000 btu air conditioner?


Can a 1000 watt generator run a 1500 watt ceramic heater?

A 1000 watt generator cannot run a 1500 watt ceramic heater without having problems.

Will a 500 watt generator run a hair dryer?

Most hair dryers are rated at least 800 watts to as much as 1875 watts. Given that, a 500 watt generator will NOT run a hair dryer. You would need at least a 2000 watt generator, just be be on the safe side.

Will a 5500 watt generator run a electric water heater?

The average size water tank is 4500 watts. The generator's supply will be large enough to operate the water tank. Larger tanks over 5000 watts will not heat correctly.

Will a 2800 watt generator run a 550 watt electric cement mixer motor?

The sizing of the generator is dependant on the size of the electric motor driving the mixer.

Can a 7000 watts generator power a house?

A 7000 watt generator us typically intended for 2 - 15 or 20 amp circuits at 120 volts or 1 - 30 amp circuit at 240 volts. When you say, "power a house," if you mean the whole house the answer is, No. You would need a generator capable of supplying a continuous 24000 watts or more to do that. But a 7000 watt generator is a nice one for powering some lights and your gas furnace blower during a power outage when properly connected. I do not know what the wattage is of an electric furnace to know if it can run one of those.

What size generator do you need to run a 8oz 110v-60Hz popcorn machine?

A 1500 watt generator will do fine.

Installation cost for generator to run a 5000 square foot warehouse?

wrong category

How many watts does a generator have to have to run a blow dryer?

Check the wattage of the blow dryer and add 500 watt. This will be the size of generator you will need to use.

Can a5500 watt generator run a 1 horse power motor?

It could run a 7-HP motor but the voltage has to be right.

Can you run a 30 amp pump on a 7500 watt generator?

To answer this question the voltage of the pump must be stated.

What watt generator would you need to run a 1 horsepower well pump?

you need to get a lot of horses