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No stock GN was ever built with a manual transmission (unless it was modified).

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Q: Can a 1987 buick grand national be manual transmission?
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What year was the Buick Grand National that was shown in Fast and Furious?

1987 Buick Grand National GNX.

Where was the Buick grand national built?

Arlington, TX

When was the Buick Grand National GNX manufactured?

The Buick Grand National and GNX models were trim options for the Buick Regal vehicle. Production lasted from 1973 to 2004 and recently began again back in 2011.

What kind of transmission fluid do you put in a 1995 grand am gt with a manual transmission?

For a 1995 manual transmission grand am, the fluid capacity is 2.0 quarts for a complete drain and refill. The fluid type is 80W90 transmission oil.

What was the fastest car in 1987?

Buick Grand National GNX.

Does a Buick grand national title in NJ say grand national on the bill of sale or just Buick reagal?

Depending upon the year, it could say Regal, or Grand National. Most 1986s will say Grand National on the title. 1987 is particularly confusing, some have it, some do not. The best way to confirm that you have a grand national and not a Buick regal Turbo is to check the build sticker on the driver door or the trunk lid. if you see a code "WE2" in all the option codes you have a real Grand National.

What is buick grand national lug pattern?

5x4.75 or Metric 5x120.7

How much horespower dose an 1984 buick grand national have?


Where can one find a Buick Grand National for sale?

You can buy a Buick Grand National off e-bay. They range from $3000 to $30 000. Sometimes less and sometimes more. You just log on to e-bay, search for Buick Grand National and remember to add your area, and it will show you all those Buicks in your area for sale. Majority of them are used. New Buick's are bought from your nearest dealer.

What transmission will interchange with a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix?

1997 Buick park ave

How much does a transmission cost for a 1983 buick park ave cost?

about two grand?!(:

What other transmissions are compatible with a 2001 grand prix se?

the transmission is a 4t65e and is the same transmission in a 2001 buick century...