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No, all SS benefits are exempt from garnishment or attachment for creditor debt of any sort.

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Q: Can Social Security wages be garnished to pay for a car repossession?
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Can wages be garnished after a repossession to collect the balance?

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

Can wages be garnished for the balance of a loan in a voluntary repossession?

Yes, they can be garnished for this reason.

In Ohio can your wages be garnished for a car repossession?


Can your wages be garnished for repossession in Arizona?

YES, even in AZ.

Can Virginia garnish your wages for an auto repossession?

Your wages can be garnished for an auto repossession if there is a court order. All wage garnishment's must be obtained from the county court of your residence.

Can wages be garnished over a repossession in Oklahoma?

If they have followed the laws and have a court order, yes.

Can wages be garnished for auto repossession in MD?

if your car is repossesed than it just goes ony our credit your wages wont be withheld

Can social security payments and/or pension payments be garnished by a mortgage lender?

Social Security payments cannot be garnished at all. Pension payments sometimes can be, depending on a number of factors. Typically mortgage lenders do not garnish wages, though, they simply foreclose on the property.

Can an elderly person on social security have a bank account garnished?

Yes! they can, will and do garnish Social Security wages. There's a good article about it at:

If your wages are garnished in Virginia and you move to North Carolina is the wage garnishment applicable in North Carolina?

Yes, as soons as your social security number is located in the department of labor system, you will be garnished.

What percentage of wages can be garnished in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Wages Act, up to 50 percent of an individual's gross monthly wages can be garnished. However, employment insurance, social assistance, and pension payments cannot be garnished.

Can your wages be garnished for an auto lease repossession in Florida even if the leased vehicle has been turned in?

Yes, if there is still an amount owed.