Can Lysol kill mold

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Yes, a concentrated solution should be able to kill mold. Bleach also is an excellent mold killer.

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Q: Can Lysol kill mold
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Would Windex kill mold?

No, I'm afraid Windex has no effect on mold what so ever.

Can an antimicrobial solution kill ringworm?

Lysol will not kill ringworm according to Lysol.

How do you kill germs on bed?


Can you put lysol on hats?

Lysol can by put on hats and other apparel items to kill of germs.

Does cold kill mold?

Cold does not kill mold. Certain temperatures can stop the growth of mold, but not kill it.

Does Lysol kill mosquito?

Actually it does, I trapped a mosquito, added lysol *disinfecting spray* and it kinda slipped into it and died.

Will Lysol kill yeast infection?

No. See a doctor.

Does Lysol kill more germs than Clorox?

Yes it do

Does pine sol kill mold?

does pine-sol kill mold and mildue

Can roaches die if you spray them with sun screen?

no clue but you can kill them with lysol

Who makes Lysol?

Lysol is a type of disinfectant and cleaning product that is manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. Since there are different Lysol products, they are made using different ingredients. However, some of the main active ingredients that are found in Lysol products include ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

How do I remove the mold smell from the AC of my 98 Jeep grand Cherokee?

I've heard that the best way to remove a mold smell is to get a can of Lysol and spray it in the vents while the A/C is running full blast. It is recommended that you run the car for 10 minutes with the A/C going to get it circulating, then leave the door open and spray the Lysol in the vents on the windshield- use quite a bit. Shut the doors and let it run for 10 minutes more (don't stay in there or you'll get sick!). Then give the car time to air out. The Lysol kills the mold and gives a fresh, clean scent!