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No. JPEG does not support transparency and is not likely to do so any time soon. It turns out that adding transparency to JPEG would not be a simple task; read on if you want the gory details. The traditional approach to transparency, as found in GIF and some other file formats, is to choose one otherwise-unused color value to denote a transparent pixel. That can't work in JPEG because JPEG is lossy: a pixel won't necessarily come out *exactly* the same color that it started as. Normally, a small error in a pixel value is OK because it affects the image only slightly. But if it changes the pixel from transparent to normal or vice versa, the error would be highly visible and annoying, especially if the actual background were quite different from the transparent color. A more reasonable approach is to store an alpha channel (transparency percentage) as a separate color component in a JPEG image. That could work since a small error in alpha makes only a small difference in the result. The problem is that a typical alpha channel is exactly the sort of image that JPEG does very badly on: lots of large flat areas and sudden jumps. You'd have to use a very high quality setting for the alpha channel. It could be done, but the penalty in file size is large. A transparent JPEG done this way could easily be double the size of a non-transparent JPEG. That's too high a price to pay for most uses of transparency. The only real solution is to combine lossy JPEG storage of the image with lossless storage of a transparency mask using some other algorithm. Developing, standardizing, and popularizing a file format capable of doing that is not a small task. As far as I know, no serious work is being done on it; transparency doesn't seem worth that much effort.

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Q: Can JPEG images can have transparent backgrounds?
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Can JPEG images can have transparent backgrounds.?

No, JPEG does nto support transparency as opposed to for example PNG.

What advantage does the gif file format have over the JPEG format?

GIF is an indexed image. Meaning it can only have 256 colors. However .GIF can be animated and they can have a transparent background. .JPEG can not be animated and can not have transparent backgrounds. While .JPEG are full color, not limited to 256 colors (8-bit). So .GIF are used for animated images, and images with only a few colors. .GIF makes sharp, crisp images. .GIF images are used in web design. On the other hand .JPEG seem to blur the pixels together. But that is fine for photographs. So use .JPEG for photographs or artwork. Use .GIF for animations, transparent backgrounded images, and things that need crisp edges, like web design. somboy

Why gif is best for cartoon images not JPEG?

GIF are images that are moving, aminated. While JPEG images are still.

What is an animated JPEG?

Animated JPEG are multiple single jpeg images that is runned under a javascript which runs the jpeg like a animated GIF, by frames of each images.

What is jpeg uses?

JPEG is a type of file which is normally used for storing images.

What is the advantage of jpeg?

JPEG images (jpeg, jpg) use compression formats to reduce the data file size for digital images. While this causes a loss of image quality, it enables images to be more efficiently stored and transmitted.

When would you use JPEG?

jpeg is a type of file and is mostly used for storing images.

What does JPEG mean in computer lingo?

JPEG is is file format for most things on Google Images.

What file format is used to compress digital images?

Usually people compress digital images using JPEG file format (JPEG compression).

Can JPEG images been transferred to apple mac images?

JPEG is a common file format that works on both PC and Mac, no conversion is required.

How can you recover JPEG images lost by virus?

a JPEG recovery software (see below) is right what you need as they will help you recover deleted or corrupted JPEG images.

Can PNG images can have transparent backgrounds?

yes. gif can as well. the program that you are using has to support transparency, however. Paint can save images as a png file, but you cannot make anything transparent with Paint. Both GIMP and Photoshop will allow you to make a file with transparency, and there are a number of formats that support it (including png).

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