Can Clorox kill mold

Updated: 9/18/2023
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It can but isn't reccommended at the beginning. If the walls were saturated to the point of destroying sheetrock, remove all the sheetrock that was damaged along with the baseboards. Spray an herbicide available at a hardware store, on all moldy or mildewy areas and even the areas that were wet but show no signs of mold. Let it dry. Repeat this again with a pine oil or a pine sol solution. This will seal the wood that was wet and keep any mold spores that were inbedded into the wood from being able to survive. The pine oil will also remove any musty smell that comes along with the flooding process. My next door neighbors house flooded and we had to run fans for over a week to remove all the moisture from his basement. Do not use the heater to assist in drying, this will only encourage more mildew to grow. If you use chlorox, it will sterilize the mold and kill it and leave you with a very clean sterile patch of mold. You would still need to come back and wash it to remove the green growth.

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Q: Can Clorox kill mold
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How do you remove black mold on white towels?

Clorox solution

Best mold cleaner for showers?

One of the best mold cleaners is Clorox 2. Clorox 2 disinfects and cleans a lot of bacteria, so that you don't have to worry about it coming back.

Removing rust and mold spots from lampshades?

Sandpaper will take care of the rust and Clorox for the mold. Good luck!

Can Clorox get ride of mold in a potato?

Yes, unless you want to poison yourself.

Can Clorox and Ajax kill you?

Yes it can

Can you kill a fly with Clorox?


Can Clorox clean mold from bread or chicken?

Food that has mold growing on it should be totally disposed of. The idea that Clorox, or any similarly poisonous material, might be used on food is staggering. Read the label - it is not for human consumption.

You are an asthmatic what can i use to remove mold from your bedroom walls?

First priority is to prevent mold which you do by increasing circulation and increasing temperature. Any time mold is occurring it is because the temperature is too low and you don't have enough air circulation.To get rid of mold already present use Clorox diluted in water. You should use 19 parts water to 1 part Clorox, in other words 5% Clorox. Scrub the walls with that.However the mold will recur if you don't take care of #1 above, in which case you will need to repeat the Clorox scrub periodically.Be sure to scrub around window sills.

What is the cheepest way to get mold off of vinyl seats?

Use a bathroom mold and mildew cleaner, or clorox wipes, then condition your vinyl.

Does cold kill mold?

Cold does not kill mold. Certain temperatures can stop the growth of mold, but not kill it.

Does Clorox kill germs?

(yes) clorox kills germs @ infection and people if they inhale it a enough..

Why should i not use Clorox in hair to kill head lice?

Clorox is a bleach and will cause your scalp to burn possibly.