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Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

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Q: Came from transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?
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Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Who came from tansylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Me. -------------------------------------------------------- easy one. Count Dracula came from Transyvania and claimed to enjy drinking blood. At the time there were no refrigerators and so he had to make do with hot or warm blood. Ah, the miracles of modern technology

Where is modern day Transylvania?

This is a mountainous region in the modern, eastern European country of Romania (or Rumania). In Transylvania you can still visit the castle of Drakul - an actual character who lived in Transylvania on which the story of Dracula was based by Bram Stoker. 'Drakul' or Vlad the Impaler, as he was known, dealt with his enemies by killing them, drinking their blood and by impaling them on wooden stakes which is where the idea of a vampire sucking blood and driving a wooden stake into a vampire's heart came from in Bram Stoker's novel.

Did vampires come from Italy?

Vampires are said to have originated from Transylvania, a modern part of Romania. This came about because an ancient vampire impaler, Vlad, used to capture opposing wounded or captured soldiers. He did so in his castle in Transylvania, Romania. The first known vampire, Lilith, however, drank blood, but not of her opponents. She is known as the Demon of Death. She was also in Transylvania. But, no vampires did not originate from Italy, they came from Romania. (Transylvania)

Where first did vampires cam from?

They first came from Transylvania. (Honestly)

What contry does vampiers come from?

Originally, vampires came from Transylvania.

Vlad Teppes also known as Vlad the Impaler came from what country?

Transylvania, Hungary, Transylvania is in Romania!

Where did Bram Stoker's Dracula come from?

Dracula came from an area in Romania, known as Transylvania.

What did the Dracula do in whitby?

Nothing. But his creator, Bram Stoker, came from Whitby. The novel is set in Transylvania (Romania).

What well known book did Bram Stoker write and which other European country was the main character from?

Bram Stoker wrote "Dracula," and Count Dracula came from Transylvania, which ispart of Romania.Dracula,Transyllvania

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