Bump in the body call sis?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Everyone wants to know what a sis is on time or a other... A sis is a bump in a females body

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Q: Bump in the body call sis?
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Which palindrome do i call my sister?

Unless her name is Eve or Hannah, you might want to stick with Sis.

What do you call your sis's son's son?

your great nephew

What do you call a person with a bump?


What does Stella Hudgens call her sis?

I think its van van

Who are the two guys who call Kagome sis in Inuyasha?

Ginta ,and Hakkaku

What is the tiny bump on the roof of mouth towards the left back?

that is call the fin it is the part of your body that gives you a erection

What is a red risen bump that is painless?

A risen bump is bump that indicates that you have bacteria located somewhere in the body. Just like you have lymph nodes that swell when you have an infection somewhere.

What do you call the small bump near the front of an English saddle?

a pommel

Why is the eye important to the other parts of the body?

you will not bump into anything

Do ducks get waterproofed even after waterlogging?

At the age of about 3-4 weeks you duckling will get a bump toward the end of the body. This bump is an oil gland. When this bump appears the duckling will be able to waterproof itself.

What colour is mr bump in the mister men books?

Mr. Bump is blue with white bandages on his body.

When you bump your knee why does a bump appear?

When you bump your knee (or other body parts) there is some damage to the various tissues involved. The body has two main types of fluids that constantly circulate, which are blood and lymph. When there is damage to the body, these fluids tend to leak out of their normal pathways and vessels, and to pool in the damaged area. Bumps are formed as a result of added fluid. Eventually the excess fluid will be reabsorbed into its normal circulation, and the bump will heal.