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It is both parties responsibility to report any car accident immediately. Even if both parties agree to leave a scene, it's still against the law. Insurance companies are famous for finding reasons not to pay out money, and when you don't follow laws it makes it more than easy to have claims turned down. It's not a wise move to file a claim after leaving the scene, you both may be subjected to charges from you local law enforcement agencies. In most cases, presence of a law enforcement official is needed to determine fault. The best thing to do at this point is to move on, before you all get into trouble. You should never put yourself in a situation where you best option is NOT to remain at an accident scene.

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Q: Both parties mutually agree to leave the scene of an accident and now wants to claim?
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How quickly should an auto accident claim be filed?

An auto accident claim should be filed after the accident happened. Be sure to have a police report and the other parties insurance information before reporting your claim.

If both parties flee the scene of the accident including the party not at fault how will this effect the insurance claim?

if u both left and someone is filing insurance claim, BOTH parties will get charged with Leaving the scene of an accident and may not be able to file insurance claim

You backed out of your driveway and hit a car you reported it to police and agreed not to call your insurance companys will they find out?

Not if no one files a claim, but it doesn't matter anyway. If the two parties mutually agree to deal with the damage privately, there's no law that says you HAVE to use your insurance.

Do you need to file an auto insurance claim for a fender bender?

You need to file an insurance claim on any accident in which a claim is going to be made on both parties.

Who is at fault when both parties are backing up their vehicles resulting in an accident claim by one of the parties?

The driver responsible for the accident is always at fault. However, Both parties are usually found at fault in this instance. This is generally called Joint fault.

What happens when there is an accident and both parties agree no damage then A week later they claim damage?

If an accident occurred, it is not uncommon to find damage after the fact. Even in slower collision, there can be damage underneath the bumper of the vehicle. Happens all the time. In those circumstance, the party at fault can choose to either pay out of pocket for the damage or file the claim with their insurance company.

Can you file an auto insurance claim without an accident report in Florida?

I would say yes although I am not familiar with Florida law specifically. What comes to mind is a minor fender bender. The police are not always called to an accident if the parties agree to fore go calling and fault is not an issue.

How do you file a insurance claim against the party that was at fault in an accident that occurred in a parking lot Without involving my insurance company.?

Just file a claim with the other parties insurance company. You called the police and got an accident report, right?

If you are in a minor accident and both parties do not file a claim to either insurance companies but a police report was made does this still go on your driving record?

In what locality?

Where can one apply for a Car Accident Compensation Claims?

To apply for a Car Accident Compensation Claims you can do so over the phone with a licensed agent, or you can start a claim online on a secured website. You can take help of privat parties dealing in accident compensation claims.

What is a motobike accident claim?

A motobike accident claim would be an insurance claim for an accident involving a motorized two-wheel vehicle, such as a motorcycle, moped, or electric bicycle.

What are your options if your private property was damaged by someone else during an auto accident?

file and pursue a claim or dont. If you do file , file a police report, get a copy of the report and have your property insurance company pursue the claim against the insurance company covering the party or parties involved in the auto accident