Big hips a good or bad?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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It really depends on your body! Certenly nothing is wrongwith big hips.

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Q: Big hips a good or bad?
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What is a medical name for big hips?


How do you know if you have big hips?

big hips ============================================ Your hips are too big if you're having trouble moving your legs, fitting into chairs or passing through doors.

If a boy has big hips should you date him?

Judge him by his personality not his hips.

Why do men love Big Black wide hipped women?

It is said the reason men like big hipped women is because they appear to have child bearing hips, which is good for the success of any future children. Big curvaceous hips are also very womanly, I don't think the fact that men prefer women with big hips has got anything to do with the colour of the lady.

Can you make your hips big by eating?

no u cant make your hips big by eating.Hips grow naturally,there's nothing you can do if you don't have them.Or you you can do surgery and go for hips implants

What does she's a meter across the hips mean?

It means that whoever 'she' is, has got big hips.

What is a good saying for bad foods?

I have heard several good saying for foods that are bad for you. The following quotes are from various and unknown sources. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." "A moment past the lips, a lifetime on the hips."

Is the government in south Africa good or bad?

big bad

If you are 5' 7 and your hips measure 33 inches are your hips too big?

No they are far from being too big they are actually too small

Can bad dog food hurt a dogs hips if it has eating the bad food?

Well, if the food doesn't have much bone health in it, when the dog gets older, it could get bone problems, including in the hips. So yes, bad food can hurt a dog's hips

Is big ben good?

Big Ben is a clock, it is neither good or bad. It is simply a clock.

Do dogs hips hurt when its snowing?

Falling snow should not make a dogs hips hurt but if a dog has bad hips the cold weather could aggravate them. If there is snow on the ground it can be slippery which could also cause a dogs with bad hips to have more discomfort. Not there lips, but there paws definitely do.