Best uses for sweet oil

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Sweet oil is often used in salad dressings or drizzled over bread. It is also used in the ear to treat ear infections.

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Q: Best uses for sweet oil
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Why is sweet oil called sweet oil and what is the difference between it and olive oil?

It is olive oil and it is called sweet oil because of it's sweet taste.

What are the best ways to grow facial hair fast and cheap?

sweet cream and coconut oil and vegie oil

What kind of oil filter for a 2001 Silverado?

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What ingredients are in sweet almond oil?

Oil from the sweet almonds. Nothing else

Is sweet oil good for the hair?

is applying sweet oil is goood for health

What is a good pork recipe that uses fruit?

The best recipe that includes both pork and fruit is sweet and sour pork. This includes a sweet sauce as well as chopped pineapples.

What is Sweet Oil with Olive Emollient used for?

sweet oil (olive oil Emollient) used for ear drop,s?

Is sweet oil vegetable oil?


What oil is best to use in a crown vic?

The 2001 and newer Ford Crown Victoria uses ( 5W-20 engine oil )

Was olive oil sweet pea's mother?

No, Olive Oil was not Sweet Pea's mother (unless she mailed him/her to Popeye). Sweet Pea came in the mail.

What is sweet oil used for constipation?

Sweet oil used for constipation is a type of oil that comes from ripe olives. It is typically used for medicinal purposes.