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Q: Bad effects of having too much money?
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Could having too much money be a bad thing?

well yes and no its good to have money to save so you can spend later but too much money can breed greed

What are side effects of getting bad grades?

Well you dont get much money you dont get a good job and your life crashes.

What are the bad effects of having a weapon?

in the event of an accident many bad things can occur

What is the effects of having a group of bad friends?

They give you bad influence. they also teach you how to do bad things that your not suppose to do.

How does a stable economy help people?

A good economy is with people having jobs and employment and not a lot of people having unemployment that is bad is bad because they don't get much money for all Everybody needs money so we need to get a real better economy

What are the bad effects of having failures in school?

some times it end with suicide

What are the effects of having good and bad ozone?

Good ozone in the stratosphere protects us from harmful UV radiation. Bad ozone in the troposphere, created by pollution, can cause respiratory issues and contribute to smog formation.

How much money does a visual effects earn?

well, artist earns pretty bad. but other people make good like managers, supervisors or seniors.

What does down on your luck mean?

It means having a bad period in life, no job, not much money.

Is having a good thing?

Yes, but having too much can be bad.

What are the Bad effect of making too much money?

Money is root of money

Why is having a pet a bad thing?

Because of the mess and money it takes to care for them.