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This is the process of radioactive decay.

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Q: Atoms breaking down or breaking apart?
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What is breaking down or breaking apart?

They just break down if u use them 2 much

Is breaking apart a verb?

Yes, "breaking apart" is the progressive form of the particle verb "break apart". E.g., "He is breaking apart the rocks" or "The rocks are breaking apart".

Gold is an element because?

If you keep breaking it down until it is just atoms, they will still be the same - Gold atoms. An alloy or compound can be broken down into its constituents, Gold can not.

When was Breaking Atoms created?

Breaking Atoms was created on 1991-07-23.

What does breaking apart mean?


When atoms combine with or break apart from other atoms a what occurs?

When new bonds are formed between atoms, energy is released and this process is known as exothermic process. Similarly when old bonds break, energy from the surrounding is absorbed and is known as endothermic process.

What are the gases making up helium and oxygen?

Helium is made up of helium and oxygen is made up of oxygen. Both helium and oxygen are elements, so they can't be broken down into anything simpler without breaking apart the atoms.

When was The Art of Breaking Apart created?

The Art of Breaking Apart was created on 2009-10-27.

Can water be further broken down into other chemicals?

I would imagine that due to water being a molecule consisting of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom that breaking it down into these atoms is possible.

What molecule can break down into smaller molecules?

Yes. A molecule is made up of atoms, and similarly atoms can be broken down into smaller components called protons, neutrons, and electrons. These can be further broken down into quarks and leptons, the building blocks for all matter.

What is a pure substance that cannot be broken into a simpler substance?

Not: atoms The answer is an element

Can an atom be broken?

Yes atoms can be broken down through decay or manipulating the number of electrons circling the nucleus. Radioactive atoms break apart as they decay.