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Hope Diamond

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Q: At 45 carats it's the largest blue diamond in the world and as the story goes it has been cursed ever since it was plucked from an idol in India What is it?
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What is the cursed diamond?

some people say that the Hope Diamond is cursed

How do you get cursed mew in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as cursed mew.

Why is the Hope Diamond cursed?

The Hope Diamond is said to be cursed because misfortune and disaster came to those who owned it.

Is the heart of the ocean cursed?

Since the Heart of the Ocean does not exist, then no, it cannot be cursed. On the other hand, the legendary Hope Diamond which was cut from the French Blue diamond, made for King Louis XIV, is supposedly cursed.

Why is The Hope Diamond such a famous exhibit?

It is said to be cursed...

Why is the Hope diamond the most famous diamond?

The hope diamond is famous for its history, delicate size and beautiful color, and some say that it is supposed to be cursed.

Cullinan diamond and the hope diamond are famous gems?

The Cullinan diamond, discovered in South Africa in 1905, is the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, weighing over 3,100 carats. The Hope Diamond, known for its rare blue color, has a storied history and is believed to be cursed. Both gems are iconic in their own right and hold significant cultural and historical value.

Why do people think that the hope diamond is cursed?

What has repeatedly been heard,a man stole the Hope Diamond from a forehead or eye of a statue,and it's said that whom ever touches it, will get bad luck. Death and bad luck will follow whom ever touches it. So,yes,the Hope Diamond is cursed. It is now in the Smithsonian Museum due to what has happened in the past.

What are the worlds most cursed diamonds?

'Cursed' diamonds are apparently diamonds that pass from hand to hand together with a 'back story'. No diamond's back story exists without the human contribution. In order to buy a 'cursed diamond', you'd be required to listen to and accept as fact, the 'curse' that is passed along to you. There are no diamonds listed, sold or worn that inherently carry a 'curse', any more than any other natural element can possess a 'curse'.

What are some famous cursed gemstones in history?

The Hope diamond, a huge bluish diamond, now belonging to the Smithsonian in one example of a gemstone with a legend of a curse. The are several other diamonds with stories of curses such as the Koh-i-Noor Diamond and the Black Orlov. (see the related links)

Did Louis XVI had the blue diamond which you called the heart of the ocean?

No but the French royals owned the French blue--the famous cursed stone better known as the Hope diamond. Both Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette wore this gem.

What are superstitions about diamonds?

Diamonds are said to symbolise conjugal love. They are said to be lucky if they show a flash of colour inside the stone. Several named diamonds are said to be cursed, including the Hope diamond and th Koh-i-Noor diamond.