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Usually if the person is over 18, has a license in good standing, and your insurance policy allows other drivers, you should be okay. Still, since you own the car, you may have some liability if the car crashes.

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Q: Are you responsible if you lend your car to someone without them being insured to drive it?
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Can you drive an insured car without being on the owner's policy?

Providing you DO NOT live at the same address as the insured (in Massachusetts)

Can a licensed teenage driver legally drive his parent's insured car in New York without being insured himself?


What is the difference between being insured under a policy and being self-insured?

If you have an insurance policy purchased from an insurance company, some or all of the financial losses you incur will be reimbursed by the policy issuer. If you are self-insured you, or the company that is self-insured, is responsible for all financial losses and liability to others. Some self-insured companies are self-insured only for the first million or 5 million dollars, and have bought insurance policies to cover larger losses. Their annual insurance premiums are lower as a result, since the purchased policy is not responsible for those less, and more frequent, losses.

Insured motorist hit uninsured unlicensed driver - who's responsible?

both, you for hitting the other vehicle and the other driver for being unlicensed

Can you get insurance Florida without a drivers lincence?

Yes. It is the vehicle that is being insured, NOT the owner. The owner's license status is irrelevant.

Can a self insured propane gas company be sued by a clients lawyer?

Being self insured does not protect one from law suits. Anybody with a reasonable claim can sue someone else. It is a hazard of a litigeous society.

How do you words a notice for not responsible for someone debts in a newspaper?

You have absolutely TERRIBLE grammar. You don't "words" something, you "word" it. It's someone's debt, and you should have said, "...for not being responsible..." If your question really is "How do you word a notice for not being responsible for someone's debt in a newspaper?" then the answer is... Use a large vocabulary, you will be taken seriously. Tell who you are, who they are, what the debt is, and why you aren't responsible. Then tell them some things you have done to become not responsible for the debt. The end.

What is a straw buyer for a car loan?

a straw buyer is someone who uses someone else's credit to secure a car loan (and car) to drive for themselves, knowing that the person whose credit is being used has no intention of driving the car and ultimately may not be responsible for the payments. It is often illegal for a straw buyer to be the only insured driver of the car.

Can you be sued in an auto accident when neither vehicle was insured?

Yes, of course you can be sued for anything...The fact that neither vehicle wasn't insured does not obsolve the 'at fault' party from being responsible for the damage they caused to the 'innocent'.. (subject to state laws of course regarding recovery by an uninsured)

When someone dies and their credit card was used without their knowledge is the executor responsible to pay the deceased credit card off if they had no knowledge of it being used?

No,thats wrong if there family its even worse

How do you get my strict mom to let me get a hamster?

do things without being ased show her how responsible you can be!!

Is it legal to take life insurance out on someone without their knowledge?

It is not possible to take out insurance on a person with their knowledge. The insured must answer all underwriting questions and sign the application as well. The only case where this would not be true is if the insurance is being taken out on your minor child.