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If you are truly a Co-Signor then you would not be liable for the accident although you would still be liable to the finance company for unpaid balance of the financed vehicle.

If you are in fact a Co-Buyer, then yes, as one of the vehicle owners your are jointly and severally liable financially for any accident incurred in the vehicle.

Unfortunately their are many unscrupulous car dealers these days that do not explain the difference to the customer between a Co-Signor and a Co-Buyer.

If your name appears on the title or the vehicle registration to the vehicle then you are not a Co-Signor, you are a Co-Buyer aka a Co-Owner.

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Q: Are you liable to another PARTY if your daughter gets into a car wreck if you co signed on her car loan and she in uninsured?
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Whoever's name is signed on the loan paperwork is the one liable.

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There are a number of factors involved. Typically the estate is responsible for paying the debts, including the funeral and medical bills of the deceased. If the daughter is a minor, or still listed on the parent's medical insurance, the parents can be held responsible. parents co-signed any paperwork regarding medical procedures, they may be held liable.

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I am very sorry for you loss. Parents are not supposed to bury children. It is very unlikely that you are responsible for your daughter's debts unless she was a minor or you had guaranteed those debts. If, for example, you co-signed a car or apartment, you may be liable for those debts.

If you cosigned a private student loan for your daughter at which time she was 19yrs of age who is legally liable to repay the loan back?

If you co-signed a loan, you are fully and equally responsible for repaying it until such time as it is fully paid off or forgiven.

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Yes.. You drive it, you damage it then your responsible for it.

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You are "liable" for any contract that you signed. You need to review the contract to determine the nature and limits of your liability.

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If you have co-signed as a tenant on the lot then yes you are.

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