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Was the other vehicle moving or parked? If it was parked or stopped at a stop sign or red light then yes it was most likely your fault. If the person put their vehicle and backed into you then it would be their fault and not yours. There are several different ways that this could have occured with different measures of liability. The question is asked too simply to give you an answer.

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Q: Are you at fault for if you hit a car's left rear quarter panel with your car?
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Left car parked behind blue car on a road. Now car is touching another car. The car was left all day whose fault?

it is left cars fault

Where is the Location of the door lock timer for a 1993 pathfinder?

left rear quarter panel

Where do you put in wiper fluid on a 1990 300zx?

left rear quarter panel lift the hatch and you will find it

What are the names of the body parts for a 1992 Honda civic front windshield side mold?

As follows from front to back: * Front bumper * Hood * Left fender * Right fender * Roof * Left door (and Left-rear door if applicable) * Right door (and Right-rear door if applicable) * Left quarter-panel * Right quarter-panel * Trunk-lid * Spoiler (if applicable) * Rear panel * Rear bumper

How do you repair a left rear quarter panel on a dodge neon?

they list for 285 it's probably cheaper to simply replace it

Where is the fuse box in the trunk of a 1997 Cadillac STS?

MY 95 sts is on the left side quarter panel behind the carpet

Where is the evaporative canister on a 1996 GMC Jimmy?

It's located behind the left rear tire behind the quarter panel.

A 6 ton truck back half hit a car's front right panel while turning left at a round about who's fault will it be?

It would be the fault of the truck unless the vehicle struck can be determined to be at fault for a lane violation.

Who is at fault I was making a left turn and I was struck in the passenger rear panel of my vehicle?

I don't know the details but most likely the vehicle that struck you is at fault if he/she was traveling in the same direction and lane behind you.

What if two cars are backing out of opposite places and hit each other: back right bumper and back left bumper on other vehicle collide. Is anyone at fault?

Yup. Both of you are at fault, and will most likely have to use your own insurance to repair your cars.

Fm antenna location for BMW x5?

located in the left rear quarter panel on the 2006 we're working on right now - amplified

Who is at fault if driver passed on left in left turn lane only?

The one attempting to pass on the left ... the left turn lane is for just that, left turns, never passing other cars and merging back to the right again. The police report will have that information ... providing the police were called and filled out an accident report. If not, it will be tough, if not impossible, to solve for fault.