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Baby girls are born with thousands of immature eggs. Once she goes through puberty, one egg finishes maturing every cycle until she goes through menopause.

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Q: Are women born with a number of eggs?
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How many eggs are human women born with?

It varies. It is best to ask each one, because when they are born, on their birth certificate, they are given the number of eggs they have.

Can my eggs ever grow back?

Women are born with a set number of eggs. However many eggs you currently have, will only decrease from here on out as you lose eggs each time you menstrate.

Are women born with their eggs?

yes. men are not born with all their sperm.

How many eggs are average women born with?

A female baby has perhaps a million eggs. By the time she is old enough to have her own babies, she might have about 400 thousand eggs.

Why can't older women have babies?

We are born with a certain amount of eggs in our bodies and when we get old we run out.

Why is the number of eggs in human female limited?

Human females are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. Since they are not created as time passes, the number has to be limited.

What glands that produce egg cell?

The ovaries are the glands that produce the egg cells. In humans, women are only born with a finite number of eggs which means they are only fertile for a certain amount of time.

Do men remain fertile all their lives?

Yes. The testicles produce sperm, but women only have a certain number of eggs

How many eggs are produced by each ovary in each year of non pregnant women?

It is different for each women. On average every month one egg is let go from the ovary. Sometimes more then one can be let go and this can lead to twins. Unlike men, women do not "make" eggs like men make sperm. Women have a set number from birth, so when we run out of eggs we inter into menopause.

How many eggs does a women have in her body?

a woman has 1069 eggs in her body

Are fish born in eggs or alive?

Fish are born in eggs

Do the eggs that make you pregnant finish?

Women are born X amount of eggs (ovum) that are released on a 28 day (usually) cycle from puberty until menopause. After menopause no more eggs are released and any remaining are non fertile.