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Yes, they are both the same.

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Q: Are uv lights and black lights the same?
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Are black lights and uv lights the same?

Yes, they are both the same.

What are black lights helpful for?

It looks awesome and it boosts your mood because of its UV rays.

Is a UV light the same as a black light?


Are Black Lights Safe?

Yes and no. They create UV rays, which can cause cancer, but its debatable if black lights are that powerful. Black light, or near-ultraviolet light, is not harmful at a distance. Some sources might have enough short-wave UV to be harmful at short distances over a long period.

What color do the white colored fibers from fabrics appear as in UV lights?


Where does uv radiation happen?

The sun, arc welding, "black lights" (looking fro fluorescence). [inside florescent lights - but its blocked by the surface of the bulbs.)

Are black lights safe for babies?

Black lights are not safe for babies. Their eye's are still developing, if babies are exposed to the UV black light they need protection for their eyes. Parents will not know the UV lights are dangerous until damage is already done and it can not be reversed. If in doubt it is best not to have your babies exposed to this light until they are older and their eye sight is not so vulnerable. Always, check with your pediatrician and have the doctor check the babies eyes if the baby has been exposed to the UV light.

Why aren't black lights black?

Black as a color would absorb all visible frequencies of light. A "black light" is not actually black, but rather emits most of its light in the ultraviolet frequencies. This light is invisible to our eyes except that it interacts with certain materials that fluoresce (glow in the dark) when they absorb UV light. These lights are also used for indoor plants that need UV light to grow.

Will plants grow with uv lights?


Can UV lighting be seen or felt?

From what I know, UV rays stands for ultraviolet radiation. In nature UV lights can`t be seen, because they`re wave lengths are shorter than visible light. But special florescent light bulbs or black lights do give off long-wave UV radiation that is very close to the violet color of the visible spectrum. So it gives of a blackish/ very dark purplish color. You don`t really feel UV light unless you stay and the sun to long and get sun burnt. So all in all you can`t see UV lights or feel them, but you can see an stretched wavelengths of UV and the side effects of have to much UV light.

What if UV lights do not work for psoriasis?

Go to a doctor and they have a special treatment for that. They surround you with lights and you have to close your eyes because they are so bright. The Lights emit UV rays helping your skin with Vitamin D.

Are black lights and a uvb light bulb the same?

No, they are not the same. A black light bulb produces UVA light.