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no they are not actually they met in a clothing store a long time ago and when tyga started to become famous they introduced each other as cousins

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Q: Are travis mccoy and tyga cousins?
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Is travie mccoy and tyga brothers?

Uhh travie and travis is one person. Travis McCoy is his real name but his stage name is Travie McCoy.

Which Rappers are related each other?

Travie McCoy and tyga are cousins

Is travie mccoy crip or blood?

I don't know about Travie Mccoy being in a gang. But I know his cousin, rapper Tyga is affiliated with the 5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips. So if Travie Mccoy is in a gang, most likely he's in the same gang is cousin Tyga is.

Who is Michael stevenson?

Upcoming rapper Tyga. Who made 'coconut juice' with travis mccoy who is believed to be his cousin... Album "No Introduction" in stores now!!!

What is travis mccoy's real name?

Travis Lazarus McCoy :)

Is Rosero McCoy related to Travis McCoy?

Yes. Rosero McCoy is the son of Travis McCoy ... They most definitely are NOT father and son...

Who is the mother of Travis mccoy's baby?

lol... Travis Mccoy does not have any kids

Is tyga and honey cocaine cousins?


What is Travis McCoy's name?

Travie McCoy

Is the artist who sings billionaire called travis mccoy or travie mccoy because its travie on itunes but travis everywhere else?

His name is Travie McCoy

Did travis mccoy get married?


Was Travis McCoy married?