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If you are talking about Piper's children, no. Holly Marie Combs has three beautiful boys, Finley, Rilery and Kelley Donoho. The last just got born in May 2009.

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Q: Are those her kids on charmed?
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How many kids does shannen doherty from charmed have?

shannen has no kids

How many kids did phoebe and cupid have on charmed?


What are phoebe halliwell's childrens names in charmed and what are paige mathews-halliwell's childrens names in charmed?

phoebe's kids names never were said, And only one of Paige's kids have a name Henry Jr. (her son).

How many kids does Paige have on Charmed?

3...twin girls and 1 boy

When does all the kids of piper and Leo come in on an episode?

Forever Charmed, the series finale

Did piper get married to Bryan in charmed?

no she gets married to leo and has a few kids not bryan

What episode of charmed season 3 does cole coedroomme backvin through the tv in phoebes bedroom?

Why Did Charmed In? Is It Coming Back? Does Alyssa,Holly,And Rose Keep In Touch Does Alyssa And Rose Have Kids/Married? Did Holly Really Marry Charmed Husband Leo? Why Did Julian/Cole Quite Charmed? I Want Alyssa Rose And Holly To Do Another Movie Together it does not have to be charmed i love charmed its awesome

Who falls pregnant in charmed?

Piper and Phoebe but in the last episode it shows that all the sisters have had kids.

What episode of charmed did phoebe find out she was pregnant?

On the very last episode of Charmed there is a fast forward in time showing that Paige has kids.

Were the children on charmed holly combs real children?

yes some of the children where really holly's kids

How come shannen dorthey came back to charmed season 9?

I am very sorry to tell you this but there is no season 9 in charmed season 8 episode 22 all that happens is that you see piper's kids and phoebe and her boyfriend and then you see piper telling a story to some kids.

What are phoebe from charmed kids called?

The children of Phoebe Halliwell in the TV show "Charmed" are named Chris and Melinda. Chris is the son of Phoebe and her Whitelighter, while Melinda is the daughter of Phoebe and her ex-husband Cole.