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My grandparents love to travel but like group tours. Are there any senior travel clubs they can join?

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Q: Are there senior travel clubs that offer group tours?
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What are some interesting senior group travel tours?

There are plenty of senior group travel tours available for senior citizens. You can go to specialized travel agents who focus exclusively on this market, as online retailers probably do not offer these discounts.

How do I find a senior travel group for women over fifty?

Sites like and offer senior travel group packages, and you can specify what type of group you would like to travel with including just women over fifty.

Do they offer senior travel insurance in the UK?

of course they offer senior travel insurance in the uk this website can help you out with senior travel insurance in the uk

Does Travelocity offer senior travel options?

Travelocity does offer senior travel options. Travelocity does offer discounts for senior citizens. The website for Travelocity is

Does Yellowstone National Park offer attraction for senior citizens?

Our senior travel group enjoys visiting a different attraction every year. What attractions does Yellowstone National Park offer that are appropriate for senior citizens?

Which companies offer senior travel packages?

There are a lot of companies that offer senior travel packages. One place that should have really good deals is available at

Where online can I buy senior travel tickets?

If you are traveling in North American then visit Greyhound's website. They offer travel deals for senior. If you are traveling in Europe then try Euro Rail for travel discounts. You can also go through travel agencies that specialize in senior travel and get group rates on bus and air travel.

What airlines offer senior discounts on airfare?

There are airlines that offer discounts to senior citizens but you have to find them. here is a good place to start:

How can they all travel to the Caribbean?

Many travel places offer a discount on group traveling a senior citizens traveling. All they would have to do is pay the travel fee that is due. They will be able to travel to Caribbean after that.

Where can I go to find some cheap new york hotels?

There are many hotels that offer senior discounts and group discounts in New York. Joining a senior travel group service is also a good way to save money.

What travel agencies in Hawaii offer discounts for senior citizens?

The Hawaiian travel agencies which offer discounts for senior citizens include the following agencies: Regal Travel, Hawaiian Airlines, and Go Hawaii.

Do any travel agents offer senior travel packages?

Yes, a lot of places have senior travel packages. You ask an airline. You can also look here. You should type in senior travel packages and look at all of the websites to choose from.