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Gutter leaf guards come in a variety of sizes and types depending on the size of your house. They can be cut to size.

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Q: Are there different types of gutter leaf guards?
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Do you need a professional to install gutter leaf guards?

No a professional is not needed. You can install gutter leaf guards yourself with the right tools and supplies.

What are good colors and brands for gutters.?

Always go with white. is an online source for the best gutter supplies at the lowest prices anywhere! They are the premiere shipper of aluminum and copper gutters, gutter guards - including gutter leaf guards and snow guards, and gutter machines.

How effective are gutter leaf guards?

Fairly effective, but they blow off in heavy winds if not secured very well.

Gutter Cover Installation?

form_title=Gutter Cover Installation form_header=9053 Please select which gutter accessories you will need*= [] Leaf strainers at downspout level [] Wire mesh leaf guards over exposed gutter area [] Downspout straps [] Splash block at downspout outlet [] Gutter hangers to prevent sagging [] Installation of heat tape [] Gutter covers [] Would like recommendation Please specify how many stories there are in your home.*= {Select One,One story,Two stories,Three stories or more} How would you describe the problems you are having?*= [] Leaves and debris are building up in the gutter [] Leaves and debris are building in the downspout [] Gutter system easily clogs [] Water splashes around the house [] Water doesn't drain away from house [] Other

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Does toro have any leaf blower gutter cleaning accessories?

Based on Toro's answer to the same question under their FAQs, "The Toro Company does not offer a gutter cleaning attachment for our blowers/vacs."

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What are the major benefits of installing a leaf guard system?

The major benefits of installing a leaf guard system for your home includes being able to keep leaves out of your gutter, aesthetically pleasing look for the exterior of your home, and convenience since you no longer have to clean your gutters. A leaf guard system is an affordable way to upgrade your home's current gutter system.

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How do you apply gutter covers over gutters with roof straps?

In this situation I take down the existing gutter if it is a K style gutter, next install a flat cover such as Shur-Flo brand or similar over the hangers, then I reinstall the gutter screwing the roof straps back to the hangers over the top of the leaf protection. This will give you the best result. I have owned a seamless gutter company for 11 years.

What brand of gutter screens work the best?

STEELCO gutter screens are known to be a trusted brand. Their products provide no-clog protection against outdoor debris. Of all the talk and reviews on the internet it seems that most gutter screens do not work very well. According to some reviews Leaf Guard works well.