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Q: Are there any holistic remendies for arteriosclerosis?
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Arteriosclerosis is a condition of hardening of the?

Arteriosclerosis is hardening of the arteries.

What are Three forms of arteriosclerosis?

atherosclerosis , monckeberg's arteriosclerosis, and arteriolar sclerosis

What are the three forms of arteriosclerosis?

atherosclerosis , monckeberg's arteriosclerosis, and arteriolar sclerosis

How can it be arteriosclerosis treat?

Arteriosclerosis is the build up of plague in the arteries. Treatment of arteriosclerosis can be achieved with cholesterol lowering drugs, and in severe cases surgery.

Does colitis mean you have arteriosclerosis?

No, colitis does not mean that you have arteriosclerosis. However you may have arteriosclerosis if you are obese, have high blood cholesterol, or have a family history and if you are old and also have colitis.i

Are there any websites that can help me find holistic diet?

Lance Armstrong strongly promotes a holistic diet lifestyle. He believes it help him beat cancer.

Where can I find information on holistic health alternatives?

There is no realy effective holistic remedy to replace antibiotics. In fact the average holistic remedy would not be able to help any form of infection like antibiotics would.

What can arteriosclerosis lead to?


Is arteriosclerosis another name for heart attack?

No. Arteriosclerosis is the progressive narrowing of the blood vessels that leads to a heart attack.

Who gets arteriosclerosis?

I don't know who else has arteriosclerosis, but people (mostly children) that have progeria (growing old quickly)can get it.

How does arteriosclerosis affect peripheral blood flow?

Arteriosclerosis affects people who smoke and have a lung disease or people who are addicted to fatty foods. The fat andcholesterol from these foods gets stuck in your arteries which causes arteriosclerosis.

Does arteriosclerosis mean chest pains?