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There is the game Feral heart It is like Wolf quest, but you can either be a lion or a wolf. I personally like Feral Heart better

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Q: Are there any good wolf games that are free other than WolfQuest or Wolf?
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What are some free wolf simulation games other than WolfQuest? =]

Are There Any Wolf Games That are free to download?

yes there is wolfquest its really cool

Where can one find wolf games for free?

One can find wolf games for free on the wolfquest website. You can download the game onto your computer right from their website and play for free any time you want.

Is there any other free wolf game out there?

All that i know is wolfquest where you play as a wolf in Yellowstone national park, wolfhome where you are a 2D werewolf, and wolf team where you can be a werewolf or a soldier and you download it wolfquest too

What are some free online games where you can be a dog?

You can be a wolf in Wolfquest but that is the closest thing I know to a game where you can be a dog

Are there any free games like wolfquest?

there is a free multiplayer game called "Wolf Home", it is quite good, you can be in wolf "form" or jakel "form". there are lots of different poses you can use while playing the game. i agree it isn't as good as wolfquest but wolfquest can get boring if you go on it often. hope this helps!

Are there any 3d online wolf simulation games?

I would suggest WolfQuest, which is completely free that you can download at

Do you buy WolfQuest?

Wolf Quest is a free download.

Are there any 3D wolf games?

Yes! Look up wolfquest and there is an awesome 3d game that you can download for free! XD

What other lion simulation games are there besides lion and impressivetitle?

Feralheart is fun. You can play a wolf/dog or a lion on it. Free and online too. And if you are looking for a wolf stimulation game at all, there is Wolfquest. Pretty awesome. (

What are the best free animal rpg simulation mmorpg games out that are compatible with a Mac?

Wolfquest you actually are the wolf you can walk around and its pretty great and freeFeral Hearts where you can create a world, your character, a feline or canine, lion or wolf, and interact with other players and their animals. It's free.

Do you have to pay for WolfQuest 2?

No, its a free download site!! ;-)Nope, Wolf Quest is 100% free.