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Yes there is, There is WolfHome which is a 2D chat game and there is Cat's Paw Island it's pretty much the same as wolfhome except your a cat That's all i know im afraid

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Q: Are there any games where you are a wild animal other than wolfquest and wolf?
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What are some free wolf simulation games other than WolfQuest? =]

Are there any good onlie animal simulation games other than wolf or wolfquest?

there is a dragon simulation game called istaria to find the game type

Are there any wolf games other than wolf quest?

FeralHeart is an animal game whitch, like wolfquest, is downloaded from the internet. It is COMPLETELY virus free, and is in itself free. Unlike wolfquest you have more options on pelt coulor, manes, eyes, tails.. everyhting. you have a chouce of a feline or conine model, and fully customise it. Also unlike wolfquest, there is a full chat box, used for roleplayinging and finding proper packs, and no different servers. this gives you a full range of roleplaying ideas, from real fights, to being social in your pack.

Is there any games like ipredator?

Wolfquest. Much better than ipredator. You must hunt elk, find a mate, have and protect your young, and challenge other wolves. Free download.

Is there more than one wolfquest game?

Yes! There is Wolfquest: Slough Creek. If you want both, you can get Wolfquest: Survival of the pack. You can have pups on it.

Are there any good wolf games that are free other than WolfQuest or Wolf?

There is the game Feral heart It is like Wolf quest, but you can either be a lion or a wolf. I personally like Feral Heart better

Are there any 3D-simulation PC games that consist of Wolves other than WolfQuest?

There is a game called Feral Heart, where you can explore islands and caves and other stuff. You can make a lion thing, or a wolf. Thank you I will try to play it now ^ ^

How do you get pets on Animal Crossing wild world on ds?

actually you can not get a pet on any of the animal crossing games maybe a hamster you can buy at nooks but other than that you cannot

Are there any good games where you can be an animal other than wolf wolfquest endless forest and impressive title?

deers life is the best game ever your a deer and you get a mate and you have a deer baby its awsome-- edit 22-10-2012There is no such game as deer's life. I believe the previous contributor actually means Endless Forest. Another game I can think of is Feral Heart, and Arokai, a game still in development. Gameval made an animal game, though its name escapes me. >.

What is an easier way to earn gems on animal jam than playing best dressed all the time?

Like play all the other games that are really quick for you to play like wind rider and other games.

How do you make another account on wolfquest?

It's not encouraged to have more than one account, as referenced in the WolfQuest FAQ. To make another, you'd have to repeat the registration process.

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