Are teenagers older than teens

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Teenagers and teens are the same thing. Teens is just a shorter name instead of saying teenagers, which is a longer word. However, teenagers and teens are ages 13-17 (as defined by popular culture, since 18 and older is defined as being an adult by popular culture), so it is possible for a teen to be older than another teen, or a teenager to be older than another teen.

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Q: Are teenagers older than teens
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Why does mono show up mainly in teenagers?

because teens are generally more sexually active than older people

What percentage of teenagers smoke?

Approximately 20-25% of teens smoke, at least intermittently (less, for younger teens, and more, for older teens).

How are kids different from teenagers?

Well kids know less and teenagers know more. They can also date more often than kids because of the relationship levels. Kids are younger, Teens are older.

Do children have more fun than teenagers?

Kids do have more fun than teenagers cause teens are sooooooo interesting!!

What r some sites for teens only?

For older teenagers, is a good one. For younger teenagers, you could try :) good luck

Is it normal for a teenager to rather be with their parents than other teens?

Depends on if they are shy or not. Some teenagers find it difficult to communicate with their peers. As they grow older they will get out more and make friends easier.

Why are older men attracted to teenagers?

Older men are attracted to teenagers, because they are immature themselves, and older woman are more mature. Technically speaking, older men just want sex from teenagers because it's easier to get. Therefore, ALL OLDER MEN WANT IS TO HAVE SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH TEENAGERS, because teenagers are easier and tighter than older woman.

Are teens tighter than older girls?


Are the Frederick Forsyth books for the teens?

I would recommend them to older teenagers, and I believe that's when I started reading them. The level of violence, and to a lesser degree, sex, makes them unsuitable for younnger teens.

How do teens get pregnant on Sims 3?

Teens cannot get pregnant in the sims 3, because EA does not want to be seen to be encouraging youngsters to get pregnant. 'Teenagers' refers to minors, as well as older teens, so it is best that they do not have the ability to get pregnant.

How old are teens in the country of Quebec?

Teenagers in Quebec are in their teens.

Why does auto insurance for teenagers cost more?

Auto insurance for teenagers cost more because driving ability is typically judged under how long you have been driving. Teens are new drivers and are more likely to be involved in accidents than older more experienced drivers on the roads.