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Tanning lamps are not harmful to human body. They are mainly used in tanning booths for getting skin tanning. They produce UV rays gives tanning to skin. They are not dangerous to human body as long as exposure is controlled and done under proper guidance. One can not forget over exposure to sun is also dangerous. It is necessary to protect eyes while using tanning lamps.

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Q: Are tanning lamps dangerous to the human body?
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Additional Uses For Tanning Lamps?

Due to the technical requirements that allow tanning lamps to actually tan the skin, they might also be appropriate for some other applications. Depending on the strength of the tanning lamp and the completeness of the light spectrum provided, tanning lamps can be used as supplementary sun lamps. This can help to reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and in some instances can actually trigger the body to start producing small amounts of vitamin D. Full spectrum tanning lamps can also provide a certain amount of pure light that can make the colors viewed under the light more true than standard lamp bulbs.

Taking Proper Care of Tanning Lamps?

When used in regulated tanning beds, tanning bulbs can help the skin attain a sun-kissed, healthy glow without exposing the body to the harmful rays of the sun. an important tip to consider when using tanning lamps is that they must be kept clean in order to provide users with the best results. It is recommended to wipe the lamps every two to three hundred hours of use, just to remove any dust particles that may have gathered on the surface. These lamps need almost no other attention, aside from the need to replace them yearly when they dim.

What are the release dates for The Doctors - 2008 Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Tanning Salons Extreme Body Lift Dangerous New Drug Trend Truth or Scare?

The Doctors - 2008 Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Tanning Salons Extreme Body Lift Dangerous New Drug Trend Truth or Scare was released on: USA: 12 March 2014

Where can you buy a tanning bed?

You can buy a self-tanning bed offline (see Yellow Pages) or online. Some use Wolff lamps and have the widest tanning surface of any home tanning bed. They have them in 120 volt and 220 volt versions and you can get them with 16, 24 or 32 lamps. Some can offer free shipping too which is a considerable savings. Some also let you choose what color you prefer, silver, black or red and they have an MP3 Player/Body Fan option which is cool. See sources and related links for further information.

What is the effect of drain cleaner on the human body?

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Are there tanning beds than work on only certain body parts rather than the whole body?

Yes, you can usually find a variant of tanning beds in a tanning salon.

How to Choose the Correct Fluorescent Lamp for a Tanning Bed?

Tanning beds are used in place of the natural sun. People choose tanning beds because it gives them more control over how much they want for a tan. With the suns rays, a person has no real control, except through sun tan lotion, and most people end up getting a sun burn if not protected. Most people also like the benefits of a tanning bed because it is much more faster to get a tan than using the suns rays. However, whether a person chooses to use the natural suns rays to receive a tan, or through a tanning bed, they both have their safety issues. Too much sunlight can cause skin cancer over time, and overexposure to ultraviolet lamps in a tanning bed can cause melanoma skin cancer. Melanoma is one of the worst skin cancers a person can be diagnosed with. So being protected is the most important thing while deciding to gain a tan through a tanning bed. Most ailments that are caused by overexposure are the suppression to the immune system, cataracts, skin aging, and skin cancer. Either way, UVA rays of any kind are going to be bad for the skin.The type of lamp bulb that is used in tanning beds can make all the difference when it comes to safety issues. Using a ballast that works mostly on energy instead of the lamps rays is usually the best choice. Ultraviolet radiation can do drastic things to the human body when it is exposed for long periods of time. Using goggles while inside of a tanning bed is also recommended to keep a persons eyes protected from a condition known as arc eye. Most salon tanning beds have over twenty fluorescent lamps inside the tanning bed. These lamps are emitting over one hundred watts of light over a persons skin. The amount of wattage in a tanning bed are governed by the state of each tanning salon, so they will usually be using up to code fluorescent lights in their tanning beds. But for people who buy their own tanning beds for personal use in their homes, they will need to know the safest lamps to use. Twelve to twenty eight, one hundred watt lamps are the most recommended fluorescent lamps to use in a personal home tanning bed.If a person who owns their own tanning bed for personal cosmetic reasons is looking to keep themselves safer through the process, the best way to go is by using electronic or high frequency ballasts. They are mainly used by electricity and will use less wattage from the lamps. To reduce the chances of contracting skin cancer, the less wattage from a UV lamp, the better.

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