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sweets have less fat and calories and chocolate

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Q: Are sweets more health than chocolate?
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Why do girls like chocolates more?

I think that girls like more chocolate than boys because women generally enjoy more sweets than men.

Why did Milton believe his milk chocolate would sell?

Simple... People loves sweets, including chocolate. Hershey's was made with a process that actually gives the chocolate a bit of a more sour flavor than European chocolate. Very yummy.

Do chocolate and yellow labs have more health problems than black labs?

No. This is an old myth.

What is a nut free sweet?

Sweets without nuts include hard candies, caramels, chocolate, puddings, many cakes and pies. There are probably more nut free sweets than sweets with nuts. You'll have to check the packaging or the recipe to make sure no nut products are included.

Was pig skin used in sweets?

Snacks more than sweets In UK you can still get them, called Pork Scratchings

Do you put weight on more with white chocolate than what you do with milk and dark chocolate?

Yes you do put weight on more with white chocolate than what you do with milk and dark chocolate.

What is the plural of sweets?

The plural of sweet would be sweets. Though the word is more commonly used as an adjective than as a noun.

Is there more sugar in dark chocolate than milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate contain more sugar.

Is mm better than Skittles?

Chocolate and Fruity sweets are two different things, you pick! amen. its all your preference

Why is milk chocolate more popular than dark chocolate?

Because many people do not like dark chocolate's intense flavor as it is more bitter than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is sweeter.

Does milk chocolate cost more than dark chocolate?


Why are sweets so tasty?

Some people enjoy sweets more than chocolate because of the taste and the ingredients included in the sweets eg. gelitine and all others.Its pretty random that you should say sweets are more enjoyed as there isn't a total argument to say that.