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Yes, they are, I always use them.

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Q: Are qtips good for cleaning your ears?
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Cat has black tar like stuff in ears What can I do?

Cats often can have ear mites and wax build up in their ears. It's best to let your vet give your cat's ears a good cleaning and then ask them how you should continue to clean the ears in the future.

How can you get your dog to let you clean his ears?

Touch his ears often without actually cleaning them. Once he is used to the feeling of you simply touching his ears, introduce a cotton ball or cotton pad with cleaning solution.

Can you get cancer by cleaning ears after shower?

Of course you can't!

Where should you never get water on a dog while cleaning?

In his ears.

Why do parents tell you to wash behind your ears?

So you wont get build up behind your ears and it so it can be squeaky ears

Burt's bee's wax for ear cleaning?

It is best to use an ear candle for ear cleaning. Burt's beeswax is not for ear cleaning. It is best not to stick things in your ears.

Is it better to have dirty or clean ears?

Clean ears. The wax you see is build up from the wax inside your ear cleaning out the dirt.

How do you numb your ears with peroxide?

with an ice cube but, Please don't use this technique to pierce your ears. When using a non surgical needle that is not sterilized properly there is a very good change you will end up with a serious infection.

Why do you cough when cleaning your ears?

ugh YOU DONT! just learn to hold the cough in

When you barley get your ears pierced can you wet your ears?

Yes, you can. It helps clean to disinfect them. I'm cleaning my ears every day, I just got them done over winter break. Hope this helps! =)

Can you shower after getting your ears pierced?

Sure you can! But, be sure to clean your ears & earrings thoroughly with you antibacterial soap or the bottle of cleaning solution your piercer gave you.

Is claritinsertraline good for itchy ears?

is claritin and sertraline good toether? and is it good for itchy ears