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Damage done by the leak will be covered. The pipe itself (along with any thing they need to tear out and replace to get to it) is not.

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Q: Are pipe leeks under bathtub under floor covered by homeowners insurance?
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Does homeowners insurance cover a fireplace falling through the floor?

Homeowners insurance covers many things, but not faulty construction or damage caused by deferred maintenance. You will have to check with your insurance company to see if the problem and its cause are covered.

Will home owners insurance cover kitchen floor coming up?

It depends on why they are coming up. If the damage was caused by a covered peril on your home insurance policy then they would be covered. If the flooring is just old, worn out or the result of poor workmanship they would not be covered. That would be considered a part of the homeowners normal and expected maintenance responsibilities.

Does homeowners insurance covers floor damage resulting from moisture?

Depends on where the moisture is coming from. You would need an adjuster or a contractor to look at the property.

Is flood damage covered under regular home insurance?

Floor damage is almost never covered under regular home insurance. It needs to be purchased separately and can be quite expensive for many areas.

What is the standard height of bathtub from the floor?

knock, knock...whos there? bathtub...bathtub who? i dont know.

If a friend or invited guest falls through the attic to floor below is it covered by your home insurance?

If you have home insurance then you should phone your Insurance Adjuster and ask them this question. They have a copy of your insurance policy.

If you were told the floor was on concrete and later discover water damage because the floor is wood over dirt will homeowners pay for repairs?

Is the a barn or a house? Generally homeowner's insurance policies would exclude a deteriorating wood floor situation.

What is the floor of Smaug's lair covered with?

The floor was covered with gold.

What covered the floor of a mosque?

The floor in the mosque is covered with a mat.

Will Homeowners cover a furnace in my rental The furnace is hung from the floor joyce's and water ran off the backyard and we think it got in there that way. The blower is still working.?

In a rental you typically need a Dwelling policy. This would not be covered by the insurance policy for your main residence. Call your agent and if it is not covered they will tell you so. Even if it is covered they may say it is not, but maybe they will say yes. Don't forget that you'll have to pay your deductible.

If your shower leaked and caused mold in the wall and wood do you need to report this to your insurance or fix it yourself?

I would keep quiet about it. Depending upon your state or local laws, the insurance company may be required by law to report mold problems to the proper authorities for professional remediation. Assuming the mold is severe, rip everything out right down to the studs. Replace the really bad studs. Replace the floor and sub-floor if you must. Good luck. If you have homeowners insurance, I would call your insurance company and ask if it's covered under your policy. If not, then you will have to DIY.

Does home owners insurance pay for your floor falling in?

It really just depends on why your floor is falling in. Your Homeowner insurance pays for losses that result from the perils named on your policy. Typically, It will pay for damages or repairs that result from Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling Objects etc. So if or floor is just falling in due to covered peril it would be covered. If it's a maintenance or construction issue then no it would not be covered under your home policy.