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Pine needles are only poisonous to humans if they consume a ton of them. Pine needles are not really made to be consumed anyway, but touching them or smelling them won't hurt you.

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Q: Are pine needles poison to humans?
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Are pine needles poison if trodden on?


Are pine needles poison to toy poodles?

Pine needles are not considered toxic but are irritating. they can be irritating to the mouth and stomachs of dogs as well as the feet and pads if they walk on the needles. Many dogs will vomit after eating the needles.

What is pine needles in Tagalog?

pine needles in Tagalog: no direct translation but it is referred to as pine tree also in Tagalog. Example is the Baguio pine tree.

What is found on a pine tree?

Roots, trunk, branches, twigs , needles and cones.

Can goats eat pine needles?

Yes, goats can safely eat pine needles. Goats are known to eat all of the pine needles off a tree if they can reach them.

What can you do with pine needles?

Pine needles can be used for mulch/compost, animal bedding, and making baskets. The oil from pine needles can be used for cleaning products and as a health supplement.

Are the needles pine trees its actually its leaves?

Yes - the 'needles' of pine trees are their actual leaves.

Allergic to pine tree needles?

If you are asking if one can be allergic to pine tree needles, the answer is YES. You can be.

Do pine trees have leafs?

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

What is the name of pine tree leaves?

Pine needles.

What are the buds of the pine tree?

pine cones?

Why are the needles are falling off your baby pine tree?

A baby pine tree may have pine needles falling off of the tree because it is too dry. It may also have pine needles dropping because of the change of the season.