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No they aren't dangerous. All the necklace does is help you play better and get more risk while being a cool thing to wear. It will not increase your chances of injury or death.

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Q: Are phiten necklaces dangerous to you?
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What does a phiten necklaces mean?

They are sport necklaces. they are stress relief necklaces.

What NCAA phiten necklaces are made?


Do they make NFL phiten necklaces?

not yet sorry

Where do you find college football phiten necklaces?


Where could Phiten titanium necklaces be purchased from?

Phiten titanium necklaces can be purchased online on various websites. The most recommended websites are 'PhitenUSA', 'Amazon' and the website 'Ebay'.

Why are fighting necklaces called fighting necklaces?

The necklaces are manufactured through a special process that embeds titanium into the material. This is Phiten Technology and is based around the different applications of the high-intensity Phild Process. Because of the name Phiten, the necklaces have been called fighting necklaces.

Where can one purchase a Phiten bracelet?

One can purchase Phiten necklaces from many websites, such as Eastbay, Finish Line, Sport Chalet, and Amazon. Amazon is known to have great prices for Phiten necklaces.

Where can you buy fake Phiten necklaces with the logo?

on google lololololol

Do phiten necklaces last forever?

No, but they last for at least 10 years.

From where could one purchase titanium necklaces in the US?

Phiten USA specializes in titanium necklaces in the U.S. Phiten sells direct to the public or their products are available at many online and brick and mortar jewelry stores.

Are phiten tornado necklaces waterproof?

i dont know go type it into google

How can you find more information about Phiten titanium necklaces?

One can find more information about Phiten titanium necklaces on Amazon including prices, product descriptions and customer reviews. One can also watch video reviews of them on YouTube.