Are people smater than comperts

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Are people smater than comperts
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Are octopuses smater than humans?

no there are not smarter then humans but there close

Are humans today smater than humans of 10000 years ago?

Kind of, because now these days people can form more inventions and think harder because we now have better education.

Is a cow smater then a human?

Depends on who the person is and who the cow is. However, they may not necessarily be smarter but think differently than a human would.

Do books maks make you smater?

no, they make you more knowledgable

How do they pick the students for are you smater than a 5th grader?

They randomly pick it at first until you unlock all the hidden characters, then they choose those 5.

Which group fo people built the first castles in the United Kingdom?

black people of the United Kindom were smater enough to build a castle. power for the people black forever XD :) LOL

Johann is smater than a girl named Nayely?

usually, even though boys have bigger brains than girls, girls can use their brains more often and better than boys. so, yes.

What if your screen is too dark?

You turn on the brightness du are u that stupid my 2 yr old bro is smater than you go kiss a fat one

Are bunnies smater than llamas?

No. Llamas have superior brain power of a dolphin which is actually the smartest being on the planet. But aparently they are smarter than you because bunnys is spelled with an IES. instead of a YS.Thank me! C=

How many times wood you be smater than a averige person if you had a IQ of 400?

You would be 4 times smarter. Average or normal is considered anything from 90 to 110.

Will they come out with flying chickens?

They will in 2034 becase scientists are going to be smater at that year

Is bill gates smater than Steve Jobs?

I think Steve Jobs. All the websites say are Bill Gates - IQ 160 Steve Jobs - IQ 160+