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Yes. It is possible to have enough speed that even a seat belt would not save you but traffic deaths per number of vehicles have gone down since the laws requiring them have been enacted.

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Q: Are people more likely to survive a car accident if they wear their seatbelt?
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Why is seatbelt is required for every vehicles?

It is for your safety. More people without a seatbelt die in car accidents than with seatbelt. So I require to use the seatbelt. See here for more information about seatbelt usage: How_much_does_it_cost_to_replace_a_window

Why do people wear seat belts?

Because in the event of a accident, and at high enough speeds, you can be thrown from your seat and out the vehicles windshield, but a seatbelt will restrain you and keep you in your seat so that you are not thrown from the car.

People who wear their seat belts under their arm in a collision what will happen?

People who wear their seatbelt under their arm have a higher chance of getting ejected from the vehicle as well as slamming their head on the steering wheel, or dash board or anything that is in front of their face. It is always important to wear your seatbelt correctly so you will have a higher chance to live if an accident.

Can you survive from a traumatic injury car accident?

People survive all the time but not always. Even survivors may suffer debilitating injuries that they will live with the rest of their lives.

Was Lisa Left Eye Lopes wearing her seatbelt when she died?

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, was indeed wearing her seat belt on the day of her fatal car accident, there were several other people in the car as evidenced by the documentary, and ironically she was the only person in the car with her seatbelt on. I disagree. I watched the documentary very carefully, and you can clearly see (right before the accident) there is no strap across her body, and you can even see the buckle (or seat belt holder) is indeed not holding a seatbelt. Given Left Eye's new sobriety, and love of children, it is easy to see how her handlers (and the press) would have thought to honor her by saying she was indeed wearing a seatbelt.

Who is most likely to be involved in a road accident?

people whom are over the drink and drive limit

How can a police office write a report of an accident he did not witness?

The only way a police office can write a report of an accident he did not witness is to take statements from people that did witness the accident. He can also look at the accident and determine how it most likely occurred.

How do people become demented?

They were most likely born like that. If not, they might of been in a previous accident that caused this.

Why would people who cannot taste probably not survive as long as people who can taste?

More likely to suffer accidedntal poisoning.

How many people died in Kentucky from not wearing a seatbelt?


What does an air bag have over a seatbelt?

An air bag decreases the time of impact. An easy way to explain it is the physics equation F=MA, Force=Mass X Acceleration. When an airbag deploys it increases the time of impact which in turn lowers the force that is inflicted upon the driver. A seatbelt alone will not do that. This is why even with airbags people involved in a traffic accident often break ribs, or have substantial bruising on their chest from the seatbelt. The airbag is what keeps them from experiencing even more substantial injuries.

What aged people are most likely to get in a Motorcycle accident?

If you are cautious while driving hopefully you won't have any. So there is no age.