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Provided they aren't broken, worn down or dissolved, yes.

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Q: Are non latex condoms as safe as a regular one?
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Can condoms irritate the skin?

Yes, if you are allergic to latex. They do make non-latex condoms, but they are more expensive and harder to find.

Are condoms effective if they go through the laundry?

No, condoms are not effective if they go through the laundry. The heat from the washer and dryer will weaken the rubber of the condom. Even non-latex condoms cannot withstand washing.

Could you be allergic to condoms if there was a sore at the opening of your vagina the day after you had protected sex and it went away in two days or could it be something bigger?

i would go to the doctor to check its not an STD, but yes you could be allergic to condoms, the doctor can confirm and allergy to latex and you could use non latex condoms.

Where can you buy latex free condoms?

non-latex condoms are becoming more available.... Lifestyle has a brand called Skyn... I have been finding them at CVS, Walgreens as well as the supermarkets such as Giant Eagle, Meijer, and Kroger. Trojan as well has a brand out now too. And you can also find lamb skin almost anywhere condoms are sold

Is there a such thing as hypoallergenic condoms?

There are 3 popular kinds of hypoallergenic, non-latex condoms. These are Lamb-skin, Polyurethane, and the fairly new Polyisoprene. You can find more information here at the related link.

What do you do when you are allergic to latex but you use a latex condom?

What do you do?... you display symptoms of contact dermatitis. Fortunately, unless you are extremely allergic, the relatively short period of contact time is not likely to cause you any problems. If you do have itching and redness there are options. Lambskin is hypoallergenic, for one,

What precautions help minimize your risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens?

A standard precaution applying to bloodborne pathogens is to wear non-latex gloves. It has to be non-latex because some people are allergic to latex so it has to be non-latex gloves.

Is sunflower oil safe for anal lubricant?

Yes, pure Sunflower Oil is a perfectly safe and cheap lubricant for anal toy play or intercourse, causing no adverse effects or irritation to the anus itself. Be aware, however that non pure sunflower oil such as scented or flavoured etc should not be used as these additives WARNING: Do not use any type of oil if using condoms as a means of reducing the chances of getting sexually transmitted infection. Any oil significantly weakens most condoms, always use a water based lube when using condoms.

How do condoms affect the sensitivity during sex?

Rubber condoms are thick so sensation for the man wearing it is dulled. They also block heat flow, which is apparently an important stimulator for the penis. They have the advantage of slowing male orgasm which is good for the partner. More expensive non-latex condoms are thinner, transmit heat better and can be used with all kinds of lubricants. And of course, are much more expensive.

What sexual behavior is the safest?

Safest -- None! Pretty safe -- masturbation, mutual masturbation, frottage (rubbing your genitals against your partner's body) Not quite as safe -- penetration with a latex condom (Never reuse a condom, and check the "good until" date on the package. Don't use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms.) Risky -- penetration with a non-latex condom (These still prevent pregnancy, but viruses -- including the AIDS virus -- can get through them.) Potentially dangerous -- oral intercourse without a condom Not advisable -- Anal intercourse without a condom; sex with a person with an active sexually transmitted disease (STD); not getting an STD test every few months if you or your partner are sexually active with others.

Are condoms spermicidal foam and diaphragms all non prescription methods of contraception?

Condoms and foam are non-prescription methods. Dipahragms are by prescription. All of these methods are barrier methods.

What type of gloves would you find in a hospital?

Firstly Latex Gloves were used. But due to allergic issues they are now replaced with non-latex.