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Is it uncomfortable to sleep with your sister?

That should answer your question.

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Q: Are mouth guards uncomfortable to sleep with?
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What are mouth guards made of?

mouth guards are made of rubber

Can you flavor mouth guards?

there is such thing as flavored mouth guards. but i dont how how long the flavor lasts

Where can you get mouth guards?

You can get mouth guards at your local sports shop or in my case, the local general store.

Does CVS have mouth guards?


What year did mouth guards become legal in boxing?

Since 1850 you've had to wear a mouth guards in boxing matches

How effective are mouth guards in a karate sport?

Shock Doctor is a very effective mouth guard company. I have played hockey and lacrosse for many years, and I have always used Shock Doctor mouth guards. However, Gladiator mouth guards are also top notch.

Does priceline pharmacy sell mouth guards?

Priceline pharmacy Ulladulla sells mouth guards at the price of $9.00 ( child size)

Do Dick's Sporting Goods sell basketball mouth guards?

Yes, Dick's has several models of mouth guards covering most activities.

How do mouth guards work?

they protect your teeth

How do you sleep with gum in your mouth?

Put gum in your mouth and fall to sleep. Simple as that.

Who made mouth guards for football?

Bob newton

Was field hockey played with mouth guards?