Are mandalorians bad

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Are mandalorians bad
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What are mandalorians on starwars?

Mandalorians are a nomadic group of clan-based people that consists of multiple species (mostly humans) and gender (mostly male) that are bound by a common culture. Most Mandalorians are bounty hunters. Jango and Boba Fett are examples of Mandalorian bounty hunters. While some are not bounty hunters, they appear to be due to the actions they do.

Where would one find images of the Mandalorians?

You could find images of the Mandalorians on a Star Wars site. You could go to a fansite as well which would give you more options to find the wanted images.

How did the Mandalorians get the deathwatch saber?

Mandalorian ancestors stole the deathwatch saber during a chaotic lapse in power.

What happens to the mandalorians after revan give them mandalore mask?

After you obtain the mask you have the choice to return it to one of the two people that you talked to at the start of the revanite quest.

What is the plural word for siege?

Siege = Sieges. Ex. In the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorians staged sieges in three separate Sectors of Republic Space simultaneously. (In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Are mandolarians good or bad?

Both! It depends on what time period and whose side you're on! Actually, they really are just out for themselves, but from a fan point of view, which side they're on changes a lot The simple answers: Pre-Old Republic: Bad guys, fight for Sith Old Republic: Bad guys, skirmish with Jedi Clone Wars: Good and Bad, some train clones while others hunt Jedi Galactic Civil War: Bad, hunt Han solo/Rebels New Jedi Order: Good, help kill Vong Second Galactic Civil War: Good, train Jaina, help kill Caedus Legacy Era: little mention yet, but leaning towards Bad, a few try to capture/kill Leia, Han, and some Jedi the complicated answers before the republic, the Mandalorians fought alongside the Sith and against the Jedi. After the sith were destroyed, their armies were fragmented and they embraced a nomadic bounty hunter lifestyle. before and during the clone wars, one-hundred mandalorians were hired to train the newly bred clone troopers. Most of these ended up fighting alongside the clones and jedi, out of loyalty to their trainees, but other mandos fought for the separatists After Order 66, they washed their hands of Jedi-Sith business, as both sides had hurt them terribly at some point. They are mercenaries and bounty hunters occasionally hired by the empire, from after episode three up to the yuuzhan vong wars, but they deeply mistrusted Palpatine and Vader. Near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong Wars, some mandalorians, including the children of clone troopers who had defected in the clone wars and joined their mandalorian trainers, fight alongside the New Republic/Galactic Alliance. In the legacy era, they deeply mistrust all sides and are still bounty hunters/mercenaries, although they do help fight Darth Caedus, they view both Jedi and Sith as threats, as the Jedi-Sith wars always hurt the rest of the galaxy In the latest books some are hired as mercenaries to fight the Jedi, but

What is The Mandalorian about?

A space homo-sexual that are set on death row on the Empire is star wars. So most of them escape and take up criminal jobs like bounty hunting and male protestution. Wrong. They are a brotherhood of warriors following rules and triditions and strange but advance weaponary. They follow the rule of a warlord. But when they were broken up. They lived seperatly and became bounty hunters because they had no ruler.

Is Boba Fett part of the Empire?

Boba Fett is not part of the Empire. He is a bounty hunter and works only for himself. While he has done work for the Empire, it is usually only to benefit himself.

Why does nearly everyone hate Satine Kryze just because she changed the Mando traditions just to protect her people from war and death?

because when you put it that way then seem like ***holes, I've always been find of her character because she actually accomplished peace.

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