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yep... people use and make there own magnetic earings all the time

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Q: Are magnets okay to use as earings?
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How do you use magnets?

you can use magnets to separate iron from sand.

Do water heaters use magnets?

Some of the water heaters uses magnets. Magnets softens the water.

Can you dive with earings in?

Only if the earings have backings

What is the used of magnets to the appliances?

they use magnets to concentrate energyto them

How does a vacuum use magnets?

A vacuum does not 'use' magnets. However magnets and a vacuum are used in conjunction in several applications. particle accelerators for example.

What types of everyday objects use magnets?

Everyday objects such as refrigerator magnets, magnetic name tags, speakers, and magnetic clasps on purses and bags use magnets. Additionally, some toys, cell phone cases, and even some clothing (like magnetic therapy bracelets) may also utilize magnets.

How do you take your new earings out?

it does not hert when you take your earings out!

What would you use magnets for at home?

fridge magnets speakers tv

How and where are magnets used in places of work?

The main use of magnets in workplaces is for the transfer of electrical waves into tools, drills, saws, etc. They make use of magnets.

What animals use magnets in everyday life?

magnets are used in everyday life lots like, sticking on your fridge, playing with, tapes, credit cards, door patches, to clip/hold things together, magnetic earings, to help find your keys, the tubes, you can even find a magnetic force in some animals as they are able to detect the earths magnetic field. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dude definitely the wrong answer for this question.

What machines use magnets?

Every machine with a motor has a magnet. If you plug it in, it has a magnet. If you put in batteries or recharge it, it has a magnet. An automatic pencil sharpener uses magnets. A computer printer uses magnets. A refrigerator motor uses magnets. An electric razor uses magnets. A fan uses magnets. Hair cutters use magnets. Nose clippers use magnets. Look around your room and see what else uses a motor.

How did they help us today?

Magnets are used everywhere. doctors use magnets for MRI's, Magnet is the the M in the RI. car plants use magnets whule moving pieces, and we use magnets to hang kids pictues on our fridges lol. hope this helped