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yes. Always responsible.

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Q: Are intoxicated drivers involved in an auto accident automatically liable?
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When was Remove Intoxicated Drivers created?

Remove Intoxicated Drivers was created in 1978.

What percent of drivers will be involved in a car accident within a year?


Why do people study accidents caused by drunk driving?

I'm not at all certain that it is a true statement that "people study" accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.ALL serious traffic accidents are carefully investigated, documented and analyzed -- including those caused by intoxicated drivers. The fact that the intoxicated drivers were involved serves as a warning that these were preventable accidents.

What percent of crashes are caused by alcohol?

The truth is that no one knows. What we know is that there are X number of crashes per year. We know that there are Y number of crashes per year where someone involved was legally intoxicated (even if that person were not at fault). We also know that X > Y. We don't know how many crashes are CAUSED by alcohol. We know that about 2.25% of all auto accidents had someone involved that was legally intoxicated. The big question is if there are more than 2.25% of people on the road at any given point in time that are intoxicated. Mathematically, if 3% of people on the road are legally intoxicated, then you are LESS likely to get into an accident if there is alcohol involved in some way. This is strictly a mathematical exercise. What is also true is that alcohol is involved in FATAL crashes about 41% of the time. I THINK what this means is that there is a huge difference between having a drink and driving and having 12 drinks and driving. My guess is that VERY intoxicated drivers are much more likely to lose all judgement and do very dangerous things. However, the statistics are incomplete because we don't know these things: Total number of drivers on the road Total number of intoxicated drivers on the road Number of accidents CAUSED by alcohol

How many times more is it likely for intoxicated drivers be involved in a crash or fatally injured than a sober driver?

VERY MANY more times than a sober driver. Being intoxicated greatly weakens your ability to focus on driving.

Does anticipating the worst mean that safe drivers are pessimists?

no it just means they're safe drivers. if they anticipate an accident at any given time they can plan an emergency maneuver to avoid being involved in said accident.

What can I do if I have been involved in a semi truck accident?

If you have been involved in an accident with a Semi Truck, the first thing you should do is get medical help, even if you feel fine, you could have injuries. Afterwards, call the police. Exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident. Get their license numbers and insurance information.

What will happen if you do not have your drivers license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident?

You will get a ticket for these violations but if you bring them with you to court and they show that you were licensed and insured on the date of the accident, these charges will be dismissed.

What should one do if involved in a minor traffic accident?

If a person is involved in a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to make all parties are free from injury. If not, an ambulance needs to be called. The drivers involved in the accident will need to exchange information, as well. Pictures of the accident and any witness statements will also be beneficial. It is also likely that tow services will be required to remove the vehicles from the road.

What are impaired drivers?

Drivers who are intoxicated by drugs, alcohol and any other substance. Any thing that impaires their driving.

If you are involved in an accident and have auto liability insurance and the other driver does not what are your rights?

Liability insurance for drivers is a requirement in the state of Mississippi. The other party involved in this accident does not have insurance. I do have liability insurance. The accident was not reported although law enforcement was called and an accident report was completed. The other party now wants me to fix her automobile. What are my rights in this situation?

What happens if both drivers involved in an accident have no insurance and no police report was filed?

If both drivers have no insurance and do not file a police report, each driver is responsible for repairing the damage to his/her own vehicle.