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Q: Are human urine fumes harmful to us humans?
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Are adult human urine fumes harmful?

depends on whether you get caught sniffing them or not

Are human urine fumes harmful to babies?

Well, if allowed to sit, urine will start forming ammonia. Ammonis fumes are harmful to all people. But, you should change the baby long before fumes would be an issue. A baby needs to be changed at least every four hours, but it is worth checking ever hour. They can easily get diaper rash and yeast infections if they are allowed to remain wet.

Is touching mice dropping harmful?

maybe in some other times..rats are being harmful to human especially the substance in it's urine that can affect alot to may cause different defects that may harm humans it may cause illness or even death,,

Are human urine fumes bad to inhale?

No, it is completey fine just do not get carried away.

Is there ammonia in the urine of German people?

No they do not. Humans does not contain ammonia in urine.

Can breathing in human feces fumes be hazardous to humans?

Yes, the affects on smelling human feces bacteria fumes specifically those mixed with urine in a confined area could result in mild hallucination, furthermore, when injested over a prolonged Period could result in bacterial infection.

Is the constant smell of dog urine and feces harmful to humans?

yes, especaily if you dont get off your lazy butt and clean it up

Can cat urine fumes release carbon monoxide fumes?

Seems unlikely, at least in any significant quantity

Is urine harmful?

There is a never-ending debate on whether urine is harmful or not. While some argue that drinking urine promotes good health, urine may contain toxic components that may be harmful to the body.

Can human urine get you sick?

yes because its not for humans to digest and it smell really bad

Are dogs germs cleaner than human germs?

Humans' and dogs' mouths have roughly the same amount of germs. However, humans brush their teeth more often and more thoroughly than dogs, so ours is probably cleaner. There is a myth that dogs' mouths have less germs than those of humans, but this has been proven to be false.

Is rat pee urine harmful to your health?

is rat rat pee urine harmful to ur health and how harmfuk is it